Created by Marshall+Skye4502

A canine Reincarnation of River Song from Doctor Who.


River after believing she had Died saving the Doctor, wakes up and finds herself in the TARDIS with the Doctor, who is now in a canine reincarnation. He explains that he had been forced to regenerate by a strange life form. She in turn asks why she didn't die. He says he doesn't know and says that he found her there just a few minutes ago. Together they set out to try and figure out how to change him back. Not long later River is forced to regenerate into a canine as well. She is shocked by her transformation but appears to enjoy having fur.

She later learns that TARDIS's life form had used some of her power to transform her digital self back into a real human/time lord being.


Frisky and cheeky, River loves her husband The Doctor and enjoys traveling with him. Even giving up her life once to save him. She is over joyed to be traveling with the doctor again. Finding his Canine form "Cute and cuddly"

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