Rio is a Russian blue cat who has a MAJOR crush on Cali.

Bio: Edit

Rio was once a stray adopted by Kobe from the Basket-Brawlers. with Kobe his owner he was turned into the mascot of it's team. (more coming soon)

Boxing Matches Edit

  • Weak Geek: A guy who always loses, and won only ONE time! ONE TIME PEOPLE!!
  • Leon. Champion of the West. Nickname: The Tumbleweed Terror.
  • Kaiser. A WII Venetian. Nickname: The Iron Solider.
  • Dina Flaminka. A former flamenco dancer. Nickname: The Scarlett Feather.
  • Diablo. The Mexican Champion. Nickname: The Mysterious Monster.
  • Ryuu Hakatama. A cat who was related to a Samurai. Nickname:
  • Sagan. An Indian Mystic Arts Boxer
  • Venom Rattler. A snake charmer
  • Xana. A belly dancer who makes up in beauty, but is weak in brawn...
  • Dragen Hayabusa. The Champion of Asia.
  • Big Jack, A tough lumberjack. Nickname: The Totem Titan
  • Maple Man, a pancake chef. Nickname: The Sticky Swarmer.
  • Slapshot, a former hockey player. Nickname: The Pulverizing Puck.
  • Laurine Banister. An environmentalist that charms men into losing and Rio's medic. Nickname: The Pine Succubus
  • Franz Leo. Champion of the Canadian Championship. Nickname: King of the Hill in Canada
  • Juilius, Kaiser's brother.
  • Prez Head. A pretzel maker.
  • Clock Shock. A cuckoo clock maker.
  • Vod Krack. A female beer drinking champion and Rio's drink provider. Nickname: The Boozer Cruiser.
  • Murder Hozen. Champion of Germany
  • Disco Dan. A Disco Star that dresses as a Disco Star and a Western Show Boy.
  • Fresh Prince Will. A pampered pussy cat from California
  • Grill Bill. A master chef.
  • Kristy Fritz. A female rap battle champion and Redux's Love Interest
  • Mix Master Mike. A Disc Jockey and champion of U.S.
  • Mr. Pubinski. A vodka maker.
  • Czar. Son of current ruler of Russia.
  • Fland Bridge. A Russian lumberjack.
  • Linda Hawkson. A female hunter who is Vod Krack's best friend and partner
  • Krusher. A soviet solider and champion of Russia
  • Luna. A hula dancer.
  • Blaze. A torch juggler who crushes hard on Noel
  • Tricki. A Tiki.
  • Liana. A female former wrestler with smoking hot looks.
  • Kahuna. Champion of Hawaii.
  • Florence. A Pizza maker.
  • Vinci Van Doom. A Sculptor.
  • Angelo. A painter.
  • Noel. An Italian former racer who is Gino's daughter and who Blaze is in love with.
  • Gino, a former Mob Boss and champion of Italy and Noel's father
  • Mysterio. A Voodoo Enchanter.
  • Celest. A Magician who has a crush on Vod Krack. He met her during a drinking tournament in Germany. Where he arm wrestled her, and lost... And is where he had his first kiss.
  • Quentin. A Swamp Resident
  • Rati the Witch. A Witch
  • Crock, An Alligator wrestler.
  • Fang. An African Hunter.
  • Jean. A French Blacksmith who crushes on Laurine
  • Arc, A Psychic.
  • Henrietta. A Gypsy from Arabia.
  • Janeiro. Rio's older brother and Undefeated World Champion.

Trivia Edit

  • He is an undefeated flyweight boxer with 50 wins and 0 losses
  • He had gone though ten circuits in order to become the champion. In order they are Mexico, Asia, Canada, Germany, America, Russian, Hawaii, Italy, Haiti and World Championship
  • He looks up to Chase as his hero.
  • He has an older brother named Janeiro, and they don't see eye to eye at times.
  • Every 4th fight in his boxing career, he fought a female boxer and every fifth fight, he faced against a champion of the world.
  • His coach is a former heavyweight from Australia
  • His code name is Brad Tackleton
  • He has a gang known as Rio and the Rumblers. The other members are Redux, Laurine, Vod, Noel, Jean, Celest, Liana and Linda
  • He becomes a Super Spy in Pups Save a Ninja

Gallery Edit

Rio the Super Spy!!

Some drawings of Rio

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