​​Riff is a civilian pup who like to play the guitar 
please ask for permission before you use Riff in your story.


Riff is super friendly and love to make friends. He like listening to music and playing songs on his guitar. he is very athletic and love sports. 


he is white a Texas Heeler with black dots all over his body. his ears are dark brown and perk up, he has a bob-tail and tan freckles on his face. his eyes are hazel and has a viridian collar with a R shaped tag.


Riff was born on the streets. One day a dog catcher came and took him and his family, soon Riff was adopted by Grant, who taught him how to play the guitar. one day he meets Mavis and the two start dating.


  • his owner owns a music shop in adventure bay called Sweet Melody .
  • he named his guitar Garfield  
  • he is afraid of frogs 
  • he is dating a pup named Mavis  

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