Rex is Informed it is Tuesday

Rex was sitting behind his desk. Rocky came up to him.

Rocky: It is Tuesday Today.

Rex: I love Tuesday's. It's a pretty normal quiet day when doing my job.

Rocky: Yes. I love Tuesday's two. It's the day I go collect the Recycling around town.

Rex: An important job. But of course it's still the start of the week. Which kids hate.

Rocky: Plus Gazza is still active to prank you.

Rex: Your right!

Rocky: Gazza loves Tuesday's too.

Rex: I kinda knew that! That's the one bad thing about Tuesday for me!! More pranks!!

Rocky: Yip. Did he do anything yesturday?

Rex: He put a flower in my water and it made me sneeze and hurt my back a bit!

Rocky tried not to laugh.

Rex: Enough!!

Rocky: Sorry.

Rex: Go and see what Gazza is doing!!! Gazza!!! Gazza!!! Gazza!!!

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