Rex is Informed it is Monday

Rex was sitting behind his desk. Rocky came up to him.

Rocky: It is Monday Today.

Rex: I love Monday's. It's a nice busy day.

Rocky: Yes. I love Monday's too. It's always nice and warm and dry.

Rex: But some kids of course don't like Monday. The first school day of the week.

Rocky: Plus Gazza is very active and ready to prank you.

Rex: Darn! Your right!

Rocky: Gazza loves Monday's too.

Rex: I should have known! That's the one thing about Monday's! Full of pranks!

Rocky: Yip.

Rex: If he wants to prank me, he can do it only on his Birthday. Or April Fools which just went!

Rocky: But it is kinda funny.

Rex: Right!!! Go and see where Gazza is before he pranks me!!! Gazza!!! Gazza!!! Gazza!!!

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