Rex Weathers Coming Through!

 Rex Delanor Weathers or Rex, Is a German Shepherd 4 year old Police Dog. He was first a Police Dog in Darwin Australia. But went to Adventure Bay to be a member of the Paw Patrol. The Pups look up to him as a rollmodel and they all think he's a Star!

Rex Weathers is created and owned by Chase787

Rex D. Weathers


Rex Delanor Weathers

Name Meaning



4 Years


German Shepherd




2nd Rank Police Officer


Ella Weathers


Diana and Max Weathers


Major, Marko, Sarah and Georgia Weathers


Darwin, Australia


65 cm


 Rex is a caring, proud and brave Police Officer. He strongly believe's in Law and Order and tends to get annoyed with one's who don't share the same view in that area. Which not many do. He can also get a big ego at times. Mostly if he gets hardly any sleep for a while. He's also quite sporty like his wife Ella. So he's quite fit. Making him attractive to girls. But he knows better than to have an affair of some sort.


Most of Rex's family are also Darwin Police Dogs. And most of them are the same rank as Rex. Some do other things.

Family Members

Diana  / Mother

Max  / Father

Georgia  / Sister

Marko  / Brother

Major  / Brother

Sarah  / Sister

Ella  / Wife

Scowler / Son

Gloria / Daughter

Saber / Son

Silvana / Daughter

Betty / Cousin

Clinton / Cousin

Ford / Cousin

Texas / Cousin

Illinois / Cousin

Allie / Cousin

Cruz / Cousin

Cal Weathers / Uncle

Reagan Weathers / Grandfather

Alabama Weathers / Grandmother

Weapons / Tools



Normal Police Tazer

A 10 bullet Pistol

A few set of Handcuffs

A roll of Trip Wire

A small Knife

Heat Vision Glasses

Air Uniform

Rex was gifted from Ryder and the Pups a Delta Wing shaped Air Uniform! It's powered by 4 Turbo Engine's that gives him enough Thrust to go as fast as Skye can with her Supersonic Jet Pack!


Rex doesn't fear much however. His worst fear is Silver small size gun bullets as he was once shot by one and was hospitilized for a month. He also fears the over grown giant squid that swim's around the whole world. He always fears it might come and drag his loved ship The Black Pearl down to the depths.


Rex owns a Black Mclaren MP4 - 12C - GT4 Police Car. Just like Lewis Hamilton in Cars 2. A pretty impressing Police Car! It's also installed with a Rocket Powered Booster and Blue Under Lighting! It is named The Rocket!

Lewis Hamilton Cars 2 character

Lewis Hamilton Cars 2 character

He keeps her in Ryder's ATV Garage.

Engine type: 3.8 Litre Twin Turbo V8

Dog House

Rex sleeps in a Metal Black and Neon Blue Lines. It is placed on the ocean side of the Lookout Driveway.


Yes Sir!

Right Away Sir!

No Bad Guy Gets The Best Of Me!

Rex Weathers Coming Through!


Make way for the Force!

Go Go Go Nitro Boost!

First Thing's First.

Cheating Never Wins!


Force Coming Through!

Make way for Rex!

The saying "Crooks can run but can't hide" is incorrect. Crooks can hide, but not run forever.

No need to fear, Rex is here!


- Rex's First Name was inspired by Rex from the movie Babe.

- Rex's Last Name is based on Strip Weathers from the movie Cars.

- Rex's Middle Name was inspired by President "Franklin Delano Roosevelt" and his Wife "Anna Eleanor Roosevelt"

There is something special about Rex's Eyes. They are coloured browny orange colour and look normal in the day. But at night, if he's out in the dark, his Eyes Glow! Some of the younger pups get scared of this.

- Rex has taken part in a lot of car racing events and has won every one he has entered! His most treasured racing trophy is the dog version of the Australian Grand Prix! All thanks to his Mclaren which was number 42 in his races. He's also taken part in the Pups 2nd Big Race too. He turned out the winner.

- Rex has tied in Character of the Month for April 2016! He tied with Ace and Lani! Just believe and it might happen to one of your Characters one day!

- Rex when he was back in Australia, He had a Handler as all the Police Dogs did in Australia. His Handler was named Thomas. Officer Thomas and Officer Weathers made a great team. Right up until the day Rex left Australia.

Rex's rank as a Police Dog is a 2nd Rank Officer. Due to this Rex own's quite a lot of weapons. He takes the job very serious and does not muck around on duty.

- Being the high Ranked Officer he is, Rex has become a rather rich Officer. It has been recorded that he is worth 1.7 Million AUS Dollars.

- Rex is a Catholic. He doesn't attend church much, but his faith is strong. If he meets someone who is from a different religion, Rex respects them on their believes. But he doesn't really like to talk about the topic at all due to past events in his life.

- While in training to be Duty Officer, Rex was a Lifeguard at the Darwin Rescue Centre's Pup Swimming Pool. He reportedly saved 21 lives during his 5 Months at the job.

- On day's when he was off duty, he was a Radio presenter at the Rescue Centre and was a popular voice among others.


His Job


The Law

The Sea

His Friends and Family

Australia and Adventure Bay

His Police Car

Car Racing

Pirates of the Caribbean Movies

Getting His Head Hair Fashioned Up


The Black Pearl

Helping out

Being a Rollmodel to the young ones

Playing the Organ

Sheep Herding


The song Holla


Teaching the younger Police Dogs, Pups to be like him, But no further than 6th Rank

Watching TV



The colour's Black and Dark Blue

The Rocky Mountain US States

The Australian Anthem


Bad Folks


Silver Small Sized Gun Bullets

Bad Manners

The Over Grown Giant Squid

Being called Rexie


Being Bossed around

Being called Fat or Old

Hot Peppers

Being Pranked

April Fools Day


Rex's Theme Music

Rex's Theme Music is the music he plays on the Organ.

Rex Weathers Organ

Rex Weathers Organ Lyrics.

Rex Weathers Organ Lyrics

Other Names

Officer Weathers

Captain Weathers


Weathers / A Nickname that runs in his Family



The Shooting Star

Giant of the Tide

Australian Advancer


Mr. Weathers

Master Weathers

Top Secret

Rex's top secret is that he has a small music locket that he sometimes wears. It's shaped like a heart and he tells others that it's just a necklass. But really it's not. It plays a little tune that reminds him of his loved one Ella.

Rex Weathers Locket


Eaten by the Kraken in The truth of the Kraken Squid. Taken to the Land of the Dead.


He returned in At World's End.

Voice Actor's

The Actor's are American! But just think of them talking like an Australian and that's Rex's Voice!

Main Voice: Denis Leary / Voice of Diego in Ice Age

Puppy Voice: Max Charles / Voice of Kion from The Lion Guard


Created: The 18th of December 2015.

Birthday in Paw Patrol World: The 18th of December 2012.


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The Great Race

Rex is one of the contenders in The Great Race! He takes part in The Fastest Dog Race! He will have his fur done up to make him have a Streamlined appearance! The Top of his Front Legs will have Silver Fur Colour and a Line of Silver will going down his body to the end of his Tail!
Shooting Star

Gordon's Star part Streamlining is on Rex's side

He is then named Shooting Star Rex!

Like in The Great Race Thomas and Friends Movie, Gordon is Streamlined and named Shooting Star!

This is what his contender page is based on.

The Great Race Shooting Star Gordon of Sodor The Great Race Railway Show Thomas & Friends

The Great Race Shooting Star Gordon of Sodor The Great Race Railway Show Thomas & Friends

This is his contender page.

Paw Patrol - The Great Race : Shooting Star Rex of Australia

However, during the race he had to drop out because he pulled his leg muscle. Which he was most upset about.

Governor of Police Department

Rex was once the Governor of the Police Department in Darwin Australia. He won 2 elections, he could have ran for a 3rd term, but chose not too. Mostly because he wanted to go back to being a normal officer.

June 2014 - 57% of Vote

January 2015 - 79% of Vote



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