Remix is a present gen OC owned by sportthewolfsky

Appearance Edit

Remix is a shiba inu. His right ear is dark brown along with dark brown socks. He also has dark brown freckles on his cheeks. The rest of his body is tan. He has lime green eyes and a pink nose. He has a line green collar which are the same colour as his headphones. His badge has a pair of headphone on a dark green background.

Personality Edit

Remix is the type of pup who can't stay serious in serious situation. The only ever time he stays serious is when someones in danger and even then he can't help but crack a few jokes. He's also very wreck less and breaks things a lot though he does apologizes he just can't help himself when it comes to breaking things. He loves making music and will do so whenever he can.

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

"did I break that?"

"when I play a song it'll make you dance along!"

Crush Edit

he doesn't have his eye on anyone at the moment. He more likes making friends with pups.

Random Edit

  • He is never seen without his headphones and dislikes taking them off
  • He has a slight fear of spiders he's more creeped out by them then afraid though.

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