Need something built, well Regina will build it in a snap.


When Regina was a pup, she was the personal assistant of an award winning mechanic. She helped him invent many things, some of which were unstable prototypes of the equipment used by the PAW Patrol. While working on a special robot, an explosion occurred, killing her owner. Luckily, Regina was shielded by some debris and she survived. She traveled through the city and washed up onto Splashside Bay, a city very similar to Adventure Bay. She met a girl named Nicole and her pups. She became a part of the team as the engineer pup.


Regina is a mixed breed pup with gray fur, one white ear, a dark gray patch over her eye, and green eyes. She wears a blaze orange and white trucker hat, a blaze orange uniform, a green belt, and a purple collar with a purple tag with a monkey wrench on it.


  • Let's get building!

Voice ActressEdit

Ashleigh Ball (voice of Blythe Baxter in LPS)


  • I did not come up with Regina, she was kindly offered to me by Chadlerscout.
  • She will have a crush on someone, but I don't know who it will be. Suggestions will be open when the other members of her team are made.

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