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Bio Edit

Rebecca grew up in Foggy Bottom, in a old alley. Her parents split before she was born. When she was born her mom was found on the street by a Lady, and the lady adopted her. Her mom would occasionaly visit her, but it didn't feel the same. After a year of living on the street, a young pup,, around her age, came and found her. He took her in a rescue organization, and she was soon adopted by Captain Turbot. Oh, right and the pup that rescued her was Commando, or also known as Jonathan.

Job - Life guard , nurse, engineer

Friends - (put in comments)

Crush - (put in comments)

Sister : (put in comments)

Brother: (put in comments)

Parents: (put in comments)

Other family: (put in comments

Gay(no offense to anyone): yes or no

uniform color (Main): pink, red, purple, blue, orange, tan or yellow.

Please participate!

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