Raven is a reddish-brown husky/german shepherd and the trainee for Ruby. She has Fire Powers.

Raven belongs to Chandlerscout, otherwise known as ElsaPAWPatrol on DeviantArt. You have to ask before you can use her!


Fire Girl

Spunky and won't let anything stop her, Raven was found by Rocky while they were out walking in the woods. She was watching some flames dance around on the ground before quickly putting them out as soon as the mix breed got close. She didn't trust anyone that well ever since she escaped the dog catcher.


Raven was born one Halloween night in HalloweenTown, but found her way to Adventure Bay. Everyone in HalloweenTown knew about her Fire Powers, but she was know bad doubtful if they'll ever accept her, so she ran off. After escaping the dog catcher multiple times, she began to become wary of others, including after seeing a black and white pup driving alongside four Velociraptors at night. She stayed in the woods for a few weeks, hunting her own meals, until Rocky found her. He took her back to the Lookout where she met Ruby who decided to take her under her wing. After Elsa found out she accidently set the Town Hall roof on fire, she took it from there, and now helps her try to control her powers, even though she can't and almost set Elsa herself on fire.


Raven has reddish brown fur with cream colored markings. She has two darker colored patches over her eyes as well as her fur tuft and ears being the same color. She has one semi-perked ear and has two tall cream colored "socks" on her front paws while the other two are shorter. She wears a aquamarine collar with a black badge with a little red flame with a black cross in the middle of it. She has honey brown eyes.


  • In the games my sisters and I played, I was the daughter of Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty and my name was Raven and I had Fire Powers, so I decided to base her off of my Disney Villian character
  • Elsa's more of a mentor to her, since Ruby is usually busy when Ryder calls her and because of her wolf form
  • She has Fire Powers
  • When she joins the PAW Patrol, Elsa has overcome her fear of fire by that time
  • She has more husky in her than german shepherd
  • Despite being a Germanian Shepsky, she is totally not related to Fletcher
  • She's a bit older than the other trainees, but is still younger than Anna


Young: Kaitlyn Dias (Riley Andersen in Inside Out)

Older: Dove Cameron (Mel in Descendants)


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