Ranni is a tomboy Akita wolf mix who gets annoyed by Skye's girly ness

Appearance Edit

Ranni is a brown and cream Akita wolf mix she has a necklace with a little bottle at the end (it was a B-day gift from Diego) and a green bandage around her leg (though she doesn't need it).

Personality Edit

She is a real tomboy and lives and hangs with Diego a silver and white schnauzer wolf mix. Diego is her BFF.

History Edit

Ranni has older brother named Castiel (though he looks more like a wolf) she left her family under their disapproval. She is rebellious like Diego. She went traveling the world and one day she stopped off in Ireland and met Diego they became best friends and decided to travel together. One day they decided they'd stay in Adventure Bay and live together in a very big cave.

Crush? Edit

Her and Diego have crushes on each other though they don't admit it

Gallery Edit



Diego and Ranni (Best Friends Forever!)

Diego and Ranni (BFF's!)

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