Randy is a gen pup and BaseballLover15 is the owner. Please don't edit without my permission.

Personality Edit

Randy is a sweet and polite pup. He is super kind and also loves the water just like Zuma. 

Appearance Edit

Randy is a Chocolate Labrador. He's all chocolate brown no marks on him just like Zuma. He's a inch or two smaller then Zuma.

Bio Edit

Randy had a awesome life he always lived with his parents with Zuma. But during one night, there was a major fire. He thought he lost them in the fire so he ran away and been a stray for about a year. He soons ends up finding his brother and being part of the Paw Patrol. He always wanted to be a Water rescue pup like Zuma. He is also from another litter of pups tho from the same parents so he's younger then Zuma.  

Job Edit

He is a trainee and soon to be Zuma´s helper with missions.

Vehicle Edit

The vehicle is a lot like Zuma's, but it is smaller and is it brighter orange.

Uniform Edit

His uniform is also a vest like Zuma's, but it is black with a orange thin too it.

Stories he's in Edit

Randy the Missing Water Pup

Randy the Missing Water Pup Part 2

Fears Edit




Being left out

Trivia Edit

He is the first OC I, BaseballLover15, have ever made

He is Zuma's brother who Zuma doesn't know.

He was thought of from the WWE (world Wrestling Entertainment) wrestler Randy Orton.

Crush Edit


Gallery Edit

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