(Here is part 2. THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD :D)

Title card appears with Marshall, Skye, and Rocky on screen. They all say the name of the episode.

Rocky is in his Pup House building a new pocket computer. Rubble walks in.

Rubble: Hey Rocky!

Rocky: Yeah?

Rubble: Well, remember that new Digital Card Key you wanted for your pocket computer?

Rocky: Yes.

Rubble: Well, I got one for you! Merry Late Christmas Rocky!

Rocky: Rubble, it's almost March. It's not even late Christmas anymore.

Rubble: Oh.

Rocky: Anyways, GIMMIE DAT CARD KEY!

Rubble: Okay sure.

Rocky takes the Key Card and examines it. It looks like an actual car key. The rubber end is rainbow colored. Doesn't Rubble know how much Rocky hates rainbow stuff?

Rocky: Thanks bro.

Rubble: No problem.

Rubble walks out of the pup house and Rocky sets down the Card Key and his eyes glow rainbow for a few seconds.

Marshall is playing with Fuzzy, his baby gose friend.

Fuzzy: Chirp!

Marshall: Ha ha! Can't catch me!

Marshall starts running away at high speed until he bumps into Fuzzy's mother.

F's Mother: HONK HONK!!!

Marshall: Oh god I'm sorry don't hurt me! Oh wait. Fuzzy it's time for you to go home!

Fuzzy: Chirp!

Fuzzy flies off with it's mother and Marshall waves goodbye. He looks down and sees a shiny rainbow colored feather on the ground. He picks it up and smiles.

Marshall: I should show this to everyone. This is so cool!

Mashall's eyes glow rainbow for a second.

Skye is practicing her flying skills in the air.

Skye: YEAH! This is so much fun!

She closes her eyes for a few seconds and opens them. Then she screams when she sees that there is a tree in her way.


  • Crash*

Skye: Owwww. Better get down from here.

Skye is ready to jump down from the medium sized tree but she looks to her side and screams again as there is an UGLY caterpillar next to her.


Skye falls to the ground. Thank god she's wearing a helmet.

She looks in front of her and sees a rainbow leaf in front of her. She picks it up and her eyes glow rainbow.

Skye: How cute!Oh wait!

Skye reaches into her pocket and pulls out a thick string. She puts a whole in the leaf and makes a necklace with the leadf and string.

Skye: OOOO! I'm gonna look so cute for Chase! THEN HE WILL LOVE ME!!!!

Skye quickly covered her mouth hoping no one heard her.

End of Part 2!

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