(In this episode, the PAW Patrol will gain a new power.)

(Please don't edit my stories).

Title Card appears with Katie on screen and she says the title.

(We cut away to Katie's shop with Rocky and Zuma helping Katie put away her stuff).

Katie: There! All done.

Zuma: Finally.

Zuma looks over at Rocky, who was sleeping on the floor.

Zuma: He didn't even bother to help us.

Katie: Well that's okay. Here Zuma, have this for being such a great help!

Katie puts a necklace around Zuma's neck. It's a translucent bottle of some weird rainbow liquid thing.

Zuma: What's this?

Katie: It a bottle of my new Feel-Good invention. It's suppose to make pets feel good when they wear it.

Zuma: Thanks!

Zuma walks out of the shop happily. His pupils turn rainbow for a few seconds before changing back to blue.

(Camera cuts to Chase and Skye cleaning they're viechles.)

Skye: Thanks for helping me clean my helicopter Chase.

Chase: Oh come on Skye, it's only fair since you help me clean my truck! Plus, what are friends for?

Skye: Oh Chase! Your so nice to me!

Skye hugs Chase, causing him to blush A LOT. It also caused Chase's clay-made badge to fall into one of Skye's paint buckets. The one with rainbow paint to be exact.

Chase: Oops!

Skye: Oh no. I'm sorry Chase!

Chase takes the badge out of the bucket and looks at it. He could have sworn that he's eyes turned rainbow colored for a spilt second.

Chase: It's alright Skye, It's looks almost better now!

Skye: Really?

Chase: Yeah, totally.

Skye: Oh thats good. Well, bye then!

Chase: Bye!

Chase puts on his new rainbow badge and walks into his pup house.

(Camera cuts to Rubble digging. Again.)

Rocky: *Yawn* Hey Rubble. Digging again?

Rubble: Yeah! For a squirrel! It somehow dug a hole here!

Rocky: Cool. Ya might not find the squirrel though. They run AND dig fast.

Rubble: Not faster than me! OW. SON OF AN ENGLISH GENTILMEN.

Rocky: What's wrong?

Rubble: I think I hit something.

Rubble pulls out the ground a rainbow colored rock.

Rocky: What the heck is that?

Rubble some kinda rock that's rainbow. Weird.

Rocky: Dude you should totally keep that.

Rubble: Ya know what? I will.

Rubble's eyes glow rainbow for a few seconds.

End of Part 1.

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