Raina is a very adventurous weather pup, she was found in a cave by Chase and Rubble and brought to lookout and given a plain dark blue collar, with no badge yet. Raina has an interest in Zuma but hasn't told anyone yet.

Raina's Bio

Raina is a light gray husky with a white chest, muzzle, and paws. She also has baby blue eyes which are always glittering with excitement. She's adventurous, kind, shy at times, and friendly to everyone. She likes rain, snow, and Zuma. She dislikes lightning, tornadoes, and mudslides.

Raina's Car and Gear

Raina's car is somewhat similar to a Stormchaser's car. On both sides she has her weather badge and rain patterns. Her car has a weather tracker in the back, a rain and snow dome that takes up some area, and a mechanical hand that gives weather supplies. Her gear is a rain hat and rain coat for rain missions and snow gear for snow missions. Her gear tools are, a thermometer, a rain gauge, and a barometer.

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