258raindrop's fursona


Rain is a Border collie, golden retriever mix. She has golden fur with darker ears with light black and white ear tips. She has a white heart shape on her chest with four white paws, and a tail tip. Following on her white socks is light black and on her tail as well. She wears a dark teal collar, but at times she wears a bag, her iPod and headphones, and a detective hat. She has blue eyes, but at times she will wear colored contacts.


Rain is a pup that loves mystery, mystery books, and especially murder mystery shows on T.V. Not only does she love mystery shows she absolutely is an anime fanatic! She's loyal and kind to her friends and will always try her best to cheer them up when they are upset or sad. Mess with her friends she will get at you. She's not afraid to speck her mind. She's very social and talkative and sometimes she thinks she can get on people and pups nerves just from her random blabbering.


  • Her breed was suggested by WittleFuzzyPuppehs
  • Her closest pup pals are Anya,Chanell, and Morgan
  • She loves to read
  • She's taught herself to draw, with help from friends and family, as well as pictures online
  • She's a computer geek
  • She loves to swim in the summer and ski in the winter!
  • After a couple years she soon adopts three pups, Pringle, Cobble, and Adsila


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