Rachel is a Chinese Crested Dog that Marshall and Fuzzy met when they started
their journey to find Chase and convince him to end the winter. She happens to have a crush on Marshall. Her outfit is purple and is a medical pup. Her catchphrase is "Help is on it's way!" She takes care of sick pets and has a medical box (Somewhere in her outfit). Rachel also drives an ambulance in a purple color.

Personality\ Appearance Edit

Having spent her years without any real contact with lives outside of The Good Snow Witch, Rachel is a bit of an individualist, and acts as a loner before she became the new member of the PAW Patrol. She can also be rather grumpy and selfish at times, as well as lazy. But with all these flaws comes a heart of gold, as well, as the medical pup has shown multiple times throughout the film that she has a loving heart, and deeply cares for those who treat her with sympathy and love in return, such as her pet swan chick, Silvey, the Good Snow Witch, and (later) Marshall. Her relationship with Silvey is a perfect example of her soft side, as she's shown to put Silvey over anyone else, going as far as to only saving Silvey's cookies when her sleigh was seconds away from being destroyed, leaving the other much needed equipment aboard, feeling Silvey's happiness and health is far more important.

Rachel's loving side is brightly showcased during her time with Marshall. Throughout the start of the adventure, Rachel shows disinterest in going to find Chase or assisting Marshall and Fuzzy in conquering the mountains, but soon comes around through the "persuasion" of Silvey. And as the adventure continues, Rachel grows attached to Marshall's fun loving and sweet ways and clumsy act, becoming very protective of him, as well as loyal. By the end of the film, Rachel and Marshall fall in love completely, though the medical shows to be quite the shy, awkward one around her sweetheart, once again showing her softer side.

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