Quin was a pup adopted from Pipthepuplover, Hes named after my Cousin Quin

Apperance Edit

Quin is a mixed pup. He has a mostly white coat with a black strip from his nose between his ears to the back of his head. His ears are also black. He has black socks on his front paws and a black back, hips and a stripe down his short and fluffy tail. (His ears are perked)

Personality Edit

Quin is a very happy and peppy pup. He likes to make younger pups smile and loves playing with them when there bored. Since he has to be strict for his job he can esily crack down on pups when he really has to but he doesent get mean enough to scare pups or anything like that.

Bio Edit


Trivia Edit

  • He works with Xiamara under the watchfull eyes of Fritz
  • He engoys Whitewater Rafting alot
  • He wears an orange collar with disk that says 'Quin' on it

Crush Edit

When Poprock came to the Day Camp one day with Poptart for one of the events Quin falls for the candy pup

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