This is a Paw Patrol remake of Splatoon, one of my favorite games EVER.

Puplings Edit

Pupling are the inklings in the game. They are dogs instaed of humans and, like inklings, they can transform into squids. (You're a squid now, you're a pup now.)

Appearance Edit

Like the game, you can choose the pup gender and eye color. However, unlike the game, you can choose the type of dog. (Breeds chosen later)

Main Hub Edit

This is the main hub, where you'll start off.

Adventure News Edit

Every two hours, or when you first enter the game, a news called Adventure News is shown. Skye and Everest are the hosts. They first talk about the Pupfest topic (if any), then updates (if any), then the current stages.

Shops Edit

These are where you buy gear for you pupling. Some gear make it cute, some gear make it cool. There are four brands of gear. Lion, Fish, Bear, and Wolf.

Weapons Edit

This is the weapons shop, where you buy weapons for your character. Most of your weapons become available after a certain level, however, the others become available after beating bosses in story mode. Rocky runs the store. The store unlocks after level 2

Shirts Edit

This is the shirt store. The shirts are what give your pupling an upgrade. Marshall runs the store. Becomes available after level 4

Shoes Edit

This is the shoe store. Like the shirt store, the shoe store gives your pupling upgrades. Rubble runs the store. Becomes available after level 4.

Hats Edit

The hat store. It does the same thing as the Shoe and Shirt store. It is run by Zuma. Unlocks at level 4.

1VS1 Edit

This is the local player VS player mode. It, instead of being paint the floor, it is pop the balloons.

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