Chase: Irenia? uh sis?

Chase helped Ireania up.

Irenia: Chase, I thought you got captured.

rocky thought: I geuss love at first site is possible,


Ryder: Pups to the lookout

pups: Ryder needs us.

Ryder: thanks for hurrying pups, maror Goodway and chicolata needs are help. chickaletta was sitting on the beak of a ice sculptre, but it fell over and chikaletta is missing. Chase, we need your tracking skills to find chikaletta.

Chase: Chase is on the case

Ryder: Skye, we need your wings in case chickaletta is up high

Skye: lets take to the sky

Ryder: I know you can't come because of your paw, but can we barrow your pup pack?

marshall: ok

Chase had a pasenger. Irenia went into the back of Chases truck

they found chickoletta on top of city hall

Ryder: Skye, now

Ireania: she's ok

they cheked with Marshall's pup pack, she was right.

but Irenia decided not to stay with the Paw patrol

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