Mayor Goodway:"thank you Ryder and the pups for getting the rats out of the City Hall."

Ryder:"Your welcome,and when ever your in trouble, just yelp for help!"

Mayor Goodway:"Oh,and one more thing Ryder."

Ryder:"And what is that Mayor Goodway?"

Mayor Goodway:"How did you find Choo-Choo?"

Ryder:"Well,it was a long story."

Mayor Goodway:"I still want to listen to it."

Ryder:"Ok,I'll tell it to you."

Mayor Goodway:"So,what is the story?"

Ryder:"This story is about how me,Chase,and Fletcher found Choo-Choo."

Mayor Goodway:"I can't wait for the story to begin!"

Ryder:"I know you do Mayor Goodway,I know you."

(the flashback begins on a sunny summer day)

To Be Continued.......

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