It was a sunny day at the Lookout and Chase and Skye were on their way to meet their new neighbors when they saw someone in the sky.

Chase: Uh Skye, is it me or I'm seeing someone in the sky?

Skye: I think I see it too.

Chase: Well maybe our new neighbors knows who that is.

Skye: Good thinking Chase let's go ask them. she said running to their new neighbor's house.

Chase: Well here we are. he said as knotted on the door.

John: Be right there! he said as opened the door.

John: Hello you must be my new neighbors, my name is John and what are names?

Chase: Nice to meet you, I'm Chase and this is Skye.

Skye: Hi.

John: Hmm, those are some in resting names.

Chase: Thanks.

John: Oh where are my manors please come in.

Skye: Thanks it would be our honor. she said as she entered the house.

John: So what do think of my house pups?

Chase: It's so cool, but we wanted to ask you something.

John: Ask away Chase I've be happy to answer any question you might have.

Skye: By any chance would know who that was in sky early today?

John: You must seen one of my roommates can describe what he look like?

Chase: He din't seem to have a mouth and kind'd gray.

John: You must seen my partner Neos.

Skye: Who's Neos?

Chase: Yeah and what kind'd name is Neos?

John: (Giggles) Maybe I should show you pups something that can explain better then words. he said as pulled out a tablet that started to show a video.

Neos: I'm back John and guest and they are so cute, I'm neos.

John: Neos what took you so long I was worried about you?

Neos: I was just practicing John.

Skye: Hi I'm Skye Mr. Neos sir.

Neos: Nice to meet you Skye. he said as he shook Skye's paw which cause her to faint.

Chase: I better take back to the Lookout. he said as dragged Skye to the Lookout.

John: See ya later Chase.

Later at the Lookout Ryder was tickling Rocky with a feather when his pup pad rings.

Rocky: Hehehe, tickles, Ryder your pup pad it's ringing hehehe. he said laughing.

Ryder: Give a Minute me Rocky. he said as he stopped tickling Rocky.

Rocky: Aw okay.

Ryder: Hello, Ryder here.

John: Hey Ryder it's John your new neighbor I need your help.

Ryder: What's wrong?

John: One of my roommates is missing, his name is Neos He's also my partner do you think you can help me find him.

Ryder: Don't worry John, no job is big, no pup is too small. He said as he called the pups to the Lookout.

Ryder: Paw Patrol to the Lookout!

Pup: Ryder needs us!

Chase: Skye are you okay?

Marshall: Watch out!

Skye: A better question is are you okay Chase?

Chase: Yeah I'm okay.

Pups: (Laughs)

Chase: Ready for action Ryder sir!

Ryder: Thanks for coming pups we have energy, our new neighbor John needs our help to look for his roommate Neos.

Chase: Me and Skye met Neos earlier today.

Ryder: Then in that case Chase I need you sniff him out.

Chase: Why me besides my sensitive nose?

Ryder: You most likely still have his sent.

Chase: Chase is on the case.

Ryder: Marshall Neos might have gotten hurt so up to you.

Marshall: I'm fired up.

Ryder: Alright Paw patrol is on a roll! he said as ran to his poll and slides down it.

When they arived at John's house they are greeted by John.

John: Thanks for coming Ryder.

Ryder: It's nothing John.

John: Now on to more inportent matters I believe you'll need smell sample from Neos, so went frew his items and found this, his sweatband.

Chase: Alright, but how bad does it smell?

John: I've have to say you'll smell him from a mile away.

Chase: Alright let me at it. he said trying not to gag because sweaty smells.

Ryder: Something wrong Chase?

Chase: It's nothing, anyway he went that way. he said pointing to the bay.

Ryder: I'll call Zuma. he said as pulls his pup pad slides it to Zuma icone.

Zuma: Hey Ryder what'd you need?

Ryder: We need you on the bay.

Zuma: Let's dive in.

As soon as Zuma arives him and Ryder get to work looking Neos.

Zuma: (Points to Neos seeing that's he all tangled up in the cains.)

Ryder: ( Pulls the cains away.)

Zuma: ( Pulls Neos free.)

Back on the beach John is biting his frigernails.

John: Neos Your okay!

Zuma: We found tangled up in cains.

Ryder: Marshall check him for brakes in his bones.

Marshall: ( Barks the command for his xray screen.) Xray screen.

John: Well are there any brakes?

Marshall: No brakes, he just sparyned it.

John: He waking up.

Neos: Uh where I am I and Who are these pups?

John: Neos this Marshall and Zuma.

Zuma: Uh did foreget someone.

Neos: Chase and me have already met.

Chase: He right we have.

John: Thanks Ryder without you I would have never found Neos.

Ryder: When ever  your in trouble just yep for help.

The end

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