Chapter 1: The incident

Narrator: Ryan, Cade, Tyler, Luke, Daniel and Andre were having a tour of Adventure Bay in Skyes jet.

Skye: On the left you can see Jakes mountains and on the right you can see the train tracks.

Ryan : Thanks for giving me and my agents a tour of the Adventure Bay Skye.

Skye: Your welcome Ryan and you can ask me any time for a ride. ( Notices the file low) Oh no hey Ryan we have a problem get up here.

Ryan: Coming Skye( as he unbluckles and gets out of his seat) what's the problem Skye?

Skye: We're out of fuel and we're going down heading towards Jakes mountains!

Ryan: Okay I'll tell the guys.

Skye: Do it quick and hurry!

Ryan: Hey guys I got bad news.

Ryans agents: What's the bad news Ryan?

Ryan: Skye's jet is out of fuel so we're going down.

Ryans agents: What we're going down!

Ryan: Stay calm were gonna be fine.( heads towards the front of the plane) Skye I told the guys.

Skye: Good cause you might wanna hang on to something.

Narrator: The jet goes down and hits a tree and Ryan goes flying out the window and is barely hanging on And Skye grabs his hand.

Ryan: Skye let go I will be fine.

SKyle: Okay if you say so. ( Let's go of Ryan hand)

Narrator: Ryan try's to jet pack but hits a tree and it damages his jet pack and wing suit back on the plane.

Skye: Ryan are you okay? Ryan do you copy?

Narrator: Skye does not know his radio fell out of his suit.

Skye:( Time to call Ryder)

Narrator: At the lookout.

Ryder: (Picks up his pup pad to see Skye's symbol) Ryder here Smye how's it going?

Skye: Not good my plane is out of fuel Ryan went out the window and his team might be hurt.

Ryder: On are way no pups to big no pups to small were coming to help Skye. ( ends call) Paw potral to the lookout!

All pups( except Skye): Ryder needs us!

Narrator: After getting suited up.

Chase: Ready for action Ryder sir!

Ryder: Pups we have a emergency call from Skye. Skye said her jets out of fuel, Ryan went out the window and his team might be hurt.

Chase: I hope Skye's okay. I mean we have to help her!

Ryder: I will need Chase for you to use your drone to find Skyes plane and Ryan

Chase: Chase is on the case!

Ryder: I will also need emp Marshall to check on Ryan's team to make shore they have not broken or sprained anything.

Marshall: Ready for a ruff ruff rescue!

Ryder: Last but not least I will need Everest to make her way towards the plane once spotted.

Everest: Ice of snow I am ready to go!

Ryder: Paw potral is on a role!

Chapter 2 : The rescue begins

Narrator: At the crash.

Skye: Everyone okay and in one piece?

Andre: I am In one piece.

Cade: Same here Skye I am ready to go.

Andre: But everyone else took a bad hit.

Skye: Okay but let's chill here till Ryder arrives.

Andre: Okay but first lets get this door open Cade kick it down!

Cade: On it Andre( kicks the door down)

Andre: Now let's put on are snow suits.

Narrator: Back with Ryder.

Ryder: Chase deploy your drone here to look for Skye while Everest and I go up ahead to search for the plane

Chase: On it Ryder, drone deploy.

Narrator: Drone pops out and Chase starts using it. 20 minutes later with Everest and Ryder.

Everest: All I see is snow.

Ryder: Same here Everest and I am worried about Skye.

Narrator: At the crash sight

Andre: Luke wake up please.

Luke: Ouch what happened Andre?

Andre: We crashed landed were gonna get you outta here.

Tyler: (Unbluckles and gets up) I am okay guys.

Andre: Good and Skye any sign of Ryder?

Skye: Nope nothing at all.

Narrator: With Chase down the mountain.

Chase: Ryder I found the Skyes jet sending you the location to your atv.

Ryder: Got the location good work Chase.

Chase: Thanks Ryder now go get are friends back.

Narrator: Everest and Ryder arrive 10 mins later.

Ryder: Hey Skye what's are status on Ryan's men?

Skye: Three of them are okay the others have not woken up yet.

Ryder: Okay you Andre, Tyler and Luke search the area for clues were Ryan is.

Skye: On it Ryder but what about the other?

Ryder: Me and Everest will stay here and wait for Marshall to arrive with medical assistance.

Skye: I will call Marshall right now.

Marshall: Hello Skye glad to here you what do you need?

Skye: I need you to check on Ryan's men 3 of them will not wake up.

Marshall: Be right there Skye.

Skye: Over and out Marshall.

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