This is my first story.Please give feedback so i can improve Thanks :)

THIS STORY IS NOT DONE.Sorry to keep you waiting


Its a sunny day in adventure and the pups are at the pup-park playing."You can't catch me!"Chase said while playing tag with Skye."Hey dudes can i join?"Zuma decided to join in.Rubble,Marshal and Ryder are playing fresbee while Rocky is picking up trash nearby.

Chapter 1 Chase's leaving:

"Everyone take a break first!"Ryder asked the pups to take a break but Chase and Skye wasn't tired so they continued.Zuma watched the two lovely pups play.It seems that Chase like Skye so Zuma decided ask:"Hey dude you got a minute?"

Chase:"Sure what is it?" 

Zuma:"Do you have a crush on Skye?" Chase:"Well..... Yess."

"WHAT!Chase like Skye?"Marshal heard it and asked loudly.Skye heard what marshal said and asked chase if it was true but Chase was shy so he lied.Skye ran to her pup-house crying as he has a crush on Skye for a long time.Ryder went to Skye pup-house and try to comfort her:"Comon Skye!Its a misunderstanding!" Theres no reply but sounds of tears and Ryder tried again:"How about what you want me or the pups to do so you would come out?" Skye replied:"I want Chase to leave the group!" Everyone was shocked

To be continued...

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