These are Lady and Barbras adopted pups

Apperances Edit

Aladdin: Aladdin is a completely black mixed pup. He has short flopped ears that are covored in long fur. He also has a short furry tail. He wears a red collar

Megra: She is mostly a dark tan color with long semi perked ears that are brown. Her long tail is also brown and her front left paw. She wears a Purple colar.

Ikea: She is a Corgsky. She has the Build of a Corgi but the Fur Patterns of a Husky. She has a grey line running from her nose to her head and around over her eyes to her cheeks. Along with it going down and covering most of her body but her chest, paws and Tail tip. She has bright blue eyes and wears a dark blue collar.

Personalities Edit

Aladdin: Aladdin is a bit of a swindler. He can esily get something from someone that he wants wether it be through stealing it or talking his way into getting it. But he isnt a bad guy and he will help younger pups and hurt creatures if they need it.

Megra: Megra or Meg is very free spirited and Quick-witted. Shes cynical and snarky as well but showing bravery and strength.

Ikea: She is very kind and sweet and loves to care for her younger siblings (even if she was adopted later) and loves most pups. She will show her emotions but only when a Pup wants her to and hates to burden pups who dont want her to.

Trivia Edit

Random Edit

  • Aladdin was named after the Character frojm Aladdin (Winter chose this name before she left)
  • Megra is named after Megra from Disneys Hercules
  • Megra usualy prefers to go by the name Meg
  • Ikea was named after the Store Ikea (Idk why but I thought that name sounded cool XD)

Crushes Edit

Aladdin: TBD

Megra: After being Saved by Hercules she fell in love with him. When they started to Date she Moved in with him up at Jakes Mountain

Ikea: TBD

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