This is a collab between Animalpup and Vixiedog. Hope you guys enjoin it.



Noah parked his vehicle and walked over to Allsion who was caring for a baby owl. She looked up as he walked over.

"Hey there Noah" she said.

"H-hey Allsion I have been meaning to ask you something" he said stammering.

"What is it Noah" she asked.

"W-whould you like t-to go on a date with me?" he asked. Allsion set the baby owl down and walked up to Noah and nuzzled him. He blushed bright pink.

"Of course I will" she said. Noah smiled.

"Meet at 7?" he asked.

"See you there" she said going back to the baby owl.

He went to his pup house "Yes I finally get to go on a date with Allsion" he said excited. He tied a brown and green bo tie around his neck.

"Noah finally asked me on a date" she said holding the baby owl. She went to her pup house. She tied a bright blue bow around her neck.

The night finally came Noah and Allsion met in front of the Disabled PAW Patrol Lookout.

More to come.

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