Pups on Sodor is a Railway Series-Esque crossover fanfiction, as well as a sequel to the fanfiction Pups Meet Scarlett Sylveon.

Letter to the reader Edit

Dear reader,

Thomas and his friends enjoy meeting new friends, even friends from outside Sodor. The next four stories are about a young puppy named Chase from a place called Adventure Bay and is a valiant member of a group called the PAW-Patrol. He found himself on Sodor and he was nervous when he thought he would never get home to his other friends, but I must let you read it for yourself.

Sincerely, the writer

The 4 Story Synopsis Edit

Story 1: A Whole New Place: The pups are preparing for the Pup-Pup Boogie championship, Ryder calls them in to tell them he's going to Scotland to see a friend. The pups understand and are excited to hear Jake and Everest are coming to keep an eye on them. Then trouble comes when Chase finds himself on a whole different rail-system. There, he meets Henry, James and Thomas.

Story 2: Old Engines, New Dangers: Chase explores the Skarloey Railway aboard Peter Sam. Peter Sam tells Chase about a refreshment lady that he had accidentally left behind many years ago, and now her granddaughter takes care of the refreshment place. The pups discover some golden dust that no one knows how it got there. Chase's puptag is repaired by Peter Sam's driver and Chase is able to make contact with the pups once again. However, Chase senses danger beyond his horizon.

Story 3: Chase's Chase: After many years in hiding, Lady comes out once again, only to be rediscovered by the vicious Diesel 10. Chase joins Skye and Jake as they try to outrun this 80 ton diesel engine, but Chase, who refuses to run any longer, sacrifices his life to save the others. Or does he? The pups soon discover that he has survived. Lady uses her magic to bring Marshall and Everest as the PAW-Patrol decides to stay to see the sights of Sodor as well as camping.

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