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PAW PatrolEdit

  • Ryder
  • Marshall
  • Rubble
  • Chase
  • Rocky
  • Zuma
  • Skye
  • Noah

Power Rangers RPMEdit

  • Scott
  • Flynn
  • Summer
  • Ziggy
  • Dillon
  • Gem
  • Gemma


When 7 mysterious heroes show up in Adventure Bay can the PAW Patrol with the help of Noah get them back home?


In another dimension they are 7 heroes in different colored suits facing off against a robot and it beating them. The team's leader decides to fall back and regroup but the robot opens a portal. The heroes get sucked in and the portal closes. They end up in the forests of Adventure Bay demorphed.

Scott: Where are we?

Flynn: I don't know Scott.

Summer: We are not in Corinth anymore. (She takes on her morpher) Doctor K, are you there? (There was no answer and she put her morpher back)

Ziggy: Should we try to morph?

Dillon: We can't our morphers are dead.

Gem: That means..

Gemma: We are lost.

Meanwhile with the Pups and Ryder.

Chase: Come on Noah join in.

Noah: No thanks Chase. With my strength the game would be unfair for the other team. I will just watch.

Chase: Okay whatever you say. (He grabs one end of the tug toy)

Noah: Ready Pups!

Marshall, Rubble, and Chase: Ready!

Rocky, Zuma, and Skye: Ready!

Noah: Okay! (He had his paw on the middle of the rope) Ready! Set! (He howls and takes his paw off the rope)

They started to pull on the rope and Ryder was watching the game from the Lookout.

Ryder: A tug of war game I wonder which team will win.

With in a couple minutes Chase, Rubble, and Marshall were winning but they still had to pull a little bit to win the game. They were almost there when Rocky, Zuma, and Skye pulled the hardest they could and won the game.

Noah: And the winners are Rocky, Zuma, and Skye! Good game you guys!

Chase: Nice game pups.

Rocky: Good game you guys.

Ryder walks up to the pups

Ryder: Good game pups.

Noah: Hey Ryder today has been quiet for missions today hasn't it?

Ryder: Yeah it has. I am going to look though the telescope and see if I can find anything.

Noah: Okay Ryder.

Ryder goes back in Lookout and looks though his telescope and finds the rangers.

Ryder: Hmm they look like they are lost. No job is to big! No pup is to small! PAW Patrol to the Lookout! (He presses the special button on his pup pad)

The pups' pup tags went off.

All the pups: Ryder needs us!

Almost the the pups were in the elevator except for two.

Marshall: Wait for me!!

Noah: Coming in!

Noah got in but Marshall was still coming. He tripped on a pup toy and flew right into Noah knocking off his prosthetic leg.

Marshall: Oh sorry Noah here let me leg you a paw.

As the elevator went up all the pups expect Marshall and Noah were laughing while Noah put his prosthetic leg back on.

All the pups jumped out of the elevator. All the pups sat in their respective spots while Noah sat by Skye.

Chase: PAW Patrol, ready for action Ryder, sir!

Ryder: Thanks for rushing up here pups! I was looking through the telescope when I found seven people in the forest who look lost.

Noah was looking at the screen like he knew something about those people.

Ryder: Noah do you know anything about these people?

Noah: I think I know who they are it is just that I can't put my paw on it.

Ryder: Okay for this mission I will need.. (tapping on Marshall's pup tag on his pup pad) Marshall, I need you to check them if they are hurt.

Marshall: I'm ready for a ruff ruff rescue!

Ryder tapped on Rubble's pup tag next.

Ryder: Rubble I need to clear anything that blocks our path.

Rubble: Rubble on the double!

Ryder tapped on Noah's pup tag on last. Noah since you probably know something about these people you can come and help.

Noah: Yes! If an animal is on the trail, I will be right there!

Ryder: The rest of you pups stay here I may need you. Alright PAW Patrol is on a role!

All the pups yip and howl as Ryder runs and goes down his pole. Then Marshall, Rubble, and Noah go down the slide into their respective vehicles. They drive down the driveway then onto the bridge and then the main street of town.

Scene Change Noah's Badge

They were almost there when some rocks and fell down trees were blocking their way.

Rubble: I got this! (He scooped up the rocks with his rig and used his crane to move the trees)

Ryder: Let's go pups!

They got to the rangers.

Scott: Who are you?

Ryder: My name is Ryder and these are my pups Marshall, Rubble, and Noah. I am the the leader of the PAW Patrol. We help everyone in Adventure Bay.

Noah stayed in his truck trying to figure out who they are.

Rubble: Hi my name is Rubble and I am the PAW Patrol's Construction Pup.

Marshall: Hi my name is Marshall and I am the PAW Patrol's Fire and EMT Pup.

Noah jumped out of his truck and walked up to Marshall, Rubble, and Ryder.

Noah: Hi my name is Noah and I am the Disabled PAW Patrol's Animal Pup.

Scott: Nice to meet you guys. My name is Scott and this is my team.

Flynn: Flynn

Summer: Summer

Ziggy: Ziggy

Dillon: Dillon

Gem: Gem and..

Gemma: Gemma

But then Noah started to tap his feet on the ground. He fell on stomach. He limbs were swinging everywhere and were also banging against the ground

Marshall rushed over to him.

Marshall: Oh no Ryder Noah is having a seizure again.

Ryder: Get him in your ambulance and get him home to the Lookout now!

Marshall: Alright. He got Noah in his ambulance and drove to the Lookout.

Summer: What happened?

Ryder: Noah has epilepsy which means he has seizures.

Summer: Is it curable?

Ryder: I am afraid no. Epilepsy is not curable. You guys need a place to stay?

Scott: Yes we do until we can find our way home.

Ryder: Okay follow Rubble and me.

Rubble: Ryder what about Noah's animal truck?

Ryder: I got it Rubble. Noah has a winch in the front of his truck.

Ryder hooked up the winch hook his ATV.

Ryder: Okay Rubble let's go.

They drove off with the rangers following them to the Lookout.

Marshall was outside the lookout.

Marshall: Hi Ryder.

Ryder: Hey Marshall is everyone inside?

Marshall: Yep.

Chase, Skye, Rocky, and Zuma were in the tv room.

Ryder walked up to them.

Ryder: Hey pups.

Chase: Hey Ryder, Marshall told us about the mission.

Marshall walked up to Ryder

Marshall: Yeah I did.

Ryder: How is Noah?

Marshall: He is fine now. He is sleeping right now. He will not wake up for a while.

Ryder: Okay.

The rangers walked in

Ryder: Oh I almost forgot. They are going to stay here until they find their way home okay pups.

Pups: Okay.

Scott: Thanks for letting us stay here Ryder.

Ryder: Your welcome Scott. Oh meet the rest of the team Chase, Skye, Rocky, and Zuma. Pups this is Scott.

Chase, Skye, Rocky, and Zuma: Hi Scott!

Scott: Hi pups.

It was getting late so the Ryder, the pups, and the rangers went to bed.

The Next Day.

Noah woke up early and went outside watching the sun rise.

Noah: Ahh what a beautiful sun rise. I love waking up early and watching the sun rise. (He heard something and turned around) Dillon, oh it's just you.

Dillon: Yeah what are you doing out here bright and early?

Noah: It's just that I wake up at this time. I used to be an armed forces attack dog. What are you doing out here?

Dillon: I have bad dreams a lot. Do you work for this team?

Noah: No I work for another one it's called the Disabled PAW Patrol.

Dillon: Where is your team?

Noah: They went to to somewhere I don't like so the leaders of my team said I could stay with Ryder and pups until they come back. I work for that team because I have a prosthetic leg.

Dillon: Okay what happened yesterday?

Noah: Oh that. I have epilepsy. Which means I have seizures every now and then.

Dillon: Okay are we the only two up?

Noah: I think so the pups won't get up until they get enough sleep or Ryder calls us for a mission.

Dillon: Okay what is your job for your team?

Noah: I am an animal pup. I help all the animals in Adventure Bay. I can even communicate with animals too.

Dillon: Okay.

Noah: Hey Dillon do you wanna for a walk with me?

Dillon: Okay let's go.

With that they walked to town.

Noah: So where do you live Dillon?

Dillon: In Corinth City. Where I live my team and I live in a domed city because the air outside our city has radiation in it.

Noah: Radiation is a bad thing I heard.

Dillon: Yep and it is all because of Venjix.

Noah: (Thinking) Venjix, Corinth City, I know who these guys. These guys are the Power Rangers RPM. I must tell Ryder where I get back.

Dillon: So how did you get that prosthetic leg of yours?

Noah explains the story.

Dillon: Wow that is a story.

Noah: Yeah it is I also got this from my attack dog days. (He took off his collar showing Dillon his purple heart award pinned on it) My purple heart award soldiers earn this award when they are injured in the line of duty.

Dillon: Cool.

Noah: Yep it is. (Then he hears something that sounds like an animal calling for help. His ears were moving in all directions)

Dillon: Is something wrong?

Noah: Yeah I hear something like an animal that needs my help I need my gear. It's saying it is hurt. I'm going to the Lookout. (He then darts to the Lookout. He comes back in animal truck with his uniform on) I'm back Dillon.

Dillon: Okay do you mind if I come?

Noah: Nope I don't mind, follow me.

He listens for the animal and follows the sound. He finds the animal and it turns out to be a Peregrine Falcon with a broken wing trying to fly away.

Noah: (Communicating with the falcon) Don't worry I'm not going hurt you. I am here to help you. (The falcon calms down and shows him it's wing)

Noah: Arf arf first aid kit! (His first aid popped out of his pup pack)

Noah: (Communicating with the falcon) I am going to wrap your wing it will heal better. (He wraps the falcon's wing) There you go little falcon.

The falcon caws

Noah: (Communicating with the falcon) Of course you can come with me until your wing heals. I will take care of you.

The falcon happily caws as Noah puts it in his animal truck. Then he drives to the PAW Patrol Lookout with Dillon following him. He parks his animal truck.

Noah: Arf arf pup house!

His animal truck turns into his pup house. The falcon sits on Noah's back as he walks into the Lookout.

Marshall: Hey Noah.

Noah: Hey Marshall.

Marshall: What do you have your back?

Noah: Oh a falcon I found him this morning with a broken wing. I am going to take care of him until his wing heals.

Marshall: He is so cute and that is so kind of you to take care of him.

Noah: What can I say I am an animal pup.

Ryder: Hey Noah.

Noah: Hey Ryder.

Ryder sees the falcon on Noah's back.

Ryder: I see you helped an animal this morning

Noah: Yep. Ryder can I talk to you in private?

Ryder: Of course let's go to the top of the Lookout.

They get in the elevator and go to the top of the Lookout they get out of the elevator

Ryder: So what do you wanna tell me Noah?

Noah: You are never going to believe this. Scott, Flynn, Summer, Ziggy, Dillon, Gem, and Gemma are the Power Rangers RPM.

Ryder: (Laughing) You are kidding right.

Noah: No, I am not kidding I asked Dillon where they live and he said Corinth City and he also said Venjix. The RPM Rangers live in Corinth City and the villain they face is Venjix. He said a bit angered.

Ryder: Oh you aren't kidding.

Noah: I would never ever kid about the Power Rangers especially Dillon. He is one of my favorite rangers.

Ryder: I knew those jackets and suits seemed familiar.

Noah: I knew that too except my autism makes me think slow.

Ryder: I know that Noah that is why I give you more time to think.

Noah: Okay that is all what I wanted to tell you. (He goes back into the elevator going back down to first floor. He runs into Scott and Flynn) Oh sorry guys didn't see where I was going.

Flynn: It's fine Noah.

Scott: It's okay. Hey is that bird on your back?

Noah: Yep, I found him this morning with a broken wing. I am going to take care of him until his wing heals. It's a falcon.

Scott: Cool you said you are an animal pup right.

Noah: Yeah I am. Do you guys have a job like the PAW Patrol does.

Flynn: (Whispering) Should we tell him Scott?

Scott: Yeah Noah we need to tell you something.

Noah: What is it? (He said with his head tilted)

Flynn: We are...

Scott: The Power Rangers RPM.

Noah: I already know.

Flynn: How?

Noah: The conversation I had with Dillon this morning. Speaking of Dillon where is he? The last time I saw him was when I was driving back to the lookout in my animal truck.

Flynn: We saw him outside listening to his pocket watch.

Noah: Okay I am going to leave him alone. (He walked to the tv room. Summer and Ziggy were in there too) Hey Summer. Hey Ziggy.

Summer: Hey Noah, are you feeling better from yesterday?

Noah: Yep I am glad Marshall knows how to do that or else I would be in the hospital right about now.

Ziggy: Hey Noah can I ask you a question?

Noah: Shoot.

Ziggy: How do you guys talk like people?

Noah: I honestly do not know. I guess our vocal cords might be complex like a humans'. Well I guess anything is possible around you and your team well Scott's team since he is the leader. 

Ziggy: Okay.

Summer: He is always like this.

Noah: He is goof ball and weird.

Summer: Yep he is.

Noah: Hey have guys you seen Gem and Gemma?

Summer: I think they are helping your leader Ryder.

Noah: Okay.

He goes to Ryder's garage and sees Gem and Gemma.

Noah: Hey Gem and Gemma what are you two up to?

Gem: Helping Ryder with some...

Gemma: Gadgets and gear.

Noah: That's cool. (His tail starts to wag)

Gem: Yeah especially when they go...

Gemma: Kaboom! (They both start making explosion noises)

Noah: Okay.

Then falcon starts cawing

Noah: Okay I will get you something to eat little falcon.

Gem: What was...

Gemma: That?

Noah: Sorry it's the falcon on my back. I have been taking care of it since this morning.(He turns so they can see the falcon)

Gem: Cool...

Gemma: Noah.

Noah: Thanks after all I am an animal pup.

Ryder walks up.

Ryder: Hey Noah.

Noah: Hi Ryder having a fun time with Gem and Gemma?

Ryder: Yeah these two are something alright.

Noah: Yeah I like the way they talk in sync.

Ryder: Eh I kinda do.

Noah: Well I gotta feed the falcon talk to you later Ryder.

Ryder: Talk to later you too Noah.

Noah goes to his pup house sets the falcon down. Then puts some strips of fish in a bowl and sets it down in front of it. The falcon starts eating. He sits there watching the falcon eats the fish and sighs.

Rocky was walking around the Lookout and goes over to Noah and the falcon.

Rocky: Hey Noah. Glad to see you up and around.

Noah: Hey Rocky. Yeah me too.

Rocky: Find this falcon this morning?

Noah: Yep taking care of it until it's wing heals.

Rocky: That's cool. I see your bandages are brown and green.

Noah: Yep the colors of my collar, my eyes, and my uniform too.

Rocky: I am glad you like green like me.

The falcon looked at Rocky and cawed

Noah: The falcon said hi

Rocky: Hehe hi little falcon he ruffles up it's feathers.

The falcon cawed again

Noah: He likes that.

Rocky: Glad it does I will do it everyday until you have to release it back into the wild.

It cawed again

Noah: The falcon said I am looking forward to it.

Rocky: Glad it is. Well see you later Noah.

Then he leaves.

Noah: See you later Rocky.

The falcon goes into Noah's pup house and falls asleep in a falcon sized nest that he  had set up for it. Then his pup tag went off.

Ryder: Noah we need you in the lookout!

Noah: Coming Ryder, sir!

He ran to the elevator and went up to the top part of the Lookout. Ryder, the pups, and the rangers were up there.

Noah went up to Ryder.

Noah: What do you need me for Ryder, sir?

Ryder: Scott told me that they are the Power Rangers RPM and I told him the best pup to explain your team's story to the pups is you.

Noah: Yes.

Then he walked over to the rangers.

Scott: Noah, thank you.

Noah: No problem Scott anything for team that one of my favorite rangers is on.

He walked in front of the room standing straight and tall like he was receiving an award but his legs were shaking a bit.

Ryder: Okay Noah you may tell them.

Noah: Yes Ryder Sir. Okay pups you may not believe me when I say this. Scott, Flynn, Summer, Ziggy, Dillon, Gem, and Gemma are the Power Rangers RPM and I am not joking on this.

Chase: I don't believe you Noah

Rocky: Come on Chase. We all know Noah would never joke about the Power Rangers.

Chase: Okay, okay, I believe you.

Noah: Good now Scott is the leader of team and used to be in the air force before joining the team. Flynn is Scottish and was a boy who was looking to be a superhero. Summer used to be a rich girl. Ziggy used to be with a cartel. Dillon not much is know about his past beside he has a sister named Tenaya and Venjix, the main villain, made him into a hybrid. Gem and Gemma are twins and forced to make inventions in a think tank called alphabet soup. That is all.

The Pups and Ryder: Wow!

Noah: Yep, now we have to figure out a way to get the rangers home to Corinth City. It's unprotected. Venjix could attack the city anytime.

Rocky: Ryder and I could make a machine to get the rangers home. With the rangers help if they want.

Flynn: You can count Gem, Gemma and me in.

Rocky: Great! We could start working on it in Ryder's garage.

Noah: Good that's all for now. Ryder, Rocky, Flynn, Gem and Gemma, start working on that machine. The sooner the better.

Rocky: Green means go! Let's go you guys!

Ryder, Rocky, Flynn, Gem, and Gemma head down to Ryder's garage and start working on the machine to get the rangers home to Corinth.

Noah: I gonna go take a nap I tired after all that happened. I will be in my pup house if you need me guys.

Chase: Okay Noah.

Noah went down the elevator and then went outside of the Lookout to his pup house. He saw the falcon was awake.

It cawed and Noah understood it. He gave the falcon some more fish. He laid down in his pup house and fell asleep. When the falcon was done eating it hopped up on Noah. It sat on him and fell asleep again.

Meanwhile with the Ryder and the others.

Flynn was working on the machine with Ryder, Gem and Gemma along help from Rocky.

Flynn: Well this is coming along nicely.

Ryder: Yep. If we work on this together you will probably get it done by tomorrow morning.

Rocky: Definitely.

Gem and Gemma: Yep. (They were working on the machine with the others)

Thoughout the rest of the day and some of the night the five worked on the machine.

The next day.

Noah woke up early again and went into Ryder's garage. He found Ryder, Rocky, Flynn, Gem and Gemma asleep in different parts in his garage.

Noah: Hehe well I better leave them and let them get their sleep. (He left the garage and went to his pup house)

A couple hours later around noon the five had woken up. Ryder had called the pups and rest of rangers to his garage.

Ryder: Pups and rangers. Flynn, Rocky, Gem, Gemma, and I have been working on this machine some of yesterday and some of today. Now. (Flynn and Rocky pulled off a big sheet off the machine)

The pups and rest of the rangers gasped in awe.

Noah: Whoa. That machine looks awesome you five.

Ryder: Yep. We tested it out and it works perfectly.

Scott: Good then we can get home. Let's go rangers.

Summer: Okay Scott.

Scott: Ryder, pups, you all have been a big help to us. Thanks for helping us and finding our way home. We have a debt we could never repay.

Ryder: Your welcome, Scott.

Noah: You would have done the same for us if we got into your predicament.

Flynn: Aye we would.

Then the rangers said their goodbyes and headed into the machine. Then Ryder and Rocky started the machine and then Ryder pressed a button. Then the rangers went back to their dimension safe and sound.

Noah was happy he finally got to meet one of his favorite ranger teams. He walked around Ryder's garage with the little falcon but he touched some with a falcon feather in his left paw. Nothing happened but something did. He started to fell weird. He headed back to his pup house and fell asleep.

Thee end

  • Scott Truman
  • Flynn McAllistair
  • Summer Landsdown
  • Ziggy Grover
  • Dillon
  • Gem
  • Gemma
  • The RPM Rangers