I'm basically re-writing the story "PAW Patrol v.s W.A.P Patrol" since it sucked and i didn't like the names of the old characters xd 


While on a mission, the pups meet a another group of pups, who sound exactlly like them, but opposites, named the B.A.R.K Patrol. Then, the B.A.R.K Patrol challenges the pups to a competition-now its pup v.s pup for this day.


  • PAW Patrol (the main 6 pups and Ryder)
  • Tracker (new pup, decided it would be fun to add him/her in here)
  • Carlos
  • BARK Patrol (Collin, Marcus, Stacy,Ronald, Zoomer, Richard, and Ray)


(coming soon, more likley tomorrow or sometime this month)

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