Instead of making separate trailer pages, I think I'll put them all on one page. Here are some things you will expect from this third sequel.

Trailer 1Edit

Narrator: The Magical World...

(The pups, including Everest, enter the Magical World)

Everest: This is the Magical World? Wow....

Narrator: Has faced the evil shadow king.... poachers.... but now....

(A Jigglypuff, a wolf, and a fox enter an area)

Oscar: Do we know them?

(Scene Change)

(Several characters are fighting each other while different colored smoke comes from them)

Rosie: Several of our friends have fallen under their spell.

Sweet Angel: Not them.

Marshall: Why?

(A couple of kids are playing a card game)

Van Solas: (throws a card down) Venusaur megaevolves and beats Huntail!

(The other kids groan)

Marshall: Why don't they play a friendly game of Go-Fish?

(Scene Change)

(Everest hides behind a tree and sees dark magic happening)

Narrator: But there's more this plot than you think....

Everest: *voiceover* There is more to those 3 girls than we thought.

(Scene Change)

(Everest is with the other pups and Rosie)

Chase: What does this mean?

Everest: They are not behind this!

(Scene Change)

Narrator: When old friends become bitter....

Tails: This will not be like our video on Youtube!

Twilight: I'm counting on it!

Narrator: one group of friends....

Rosie: I haven't seen this much excitement since the Equestria Girls sequel.

Dewdrop: But will this be like it?

Rosie: Not at all! ..... well, a little bit

Narrator: Will save the day.

Everest: There is a hidden PAW of Unity?

Lucky Cloverleaf (New Character): I believe so, but I'm afraid that there is a test to get it.

Rainbow Shimmer-wing (New Character): Isn't there always a test to these things?

Lucky Cloverleaf: Well... I maybe an Absol with tech-skills.... but I can't prove it.

(Title is shown)

Narrator: Pups in the Magical World 3: Battle of the Worlds

(Final Scene)

Rainbow Dash: This better not last too long. We have to get ready for Season 6.

Sonic: Sure, your tv series is more popular.

Rainbow Dash: Like your 2006 game?

Sonic: I thought we agreed to never talk about that!

(Black screen coming soon)

Rainbow Dash: *voiceover* A human girl kissed you!

Sonic: *voiceover* Everyone just assumed that! We're just friends and it was part of the healing ritual!


Trailer 2Edit

Narrator: They faced evil shadows..... they faced greedy poachers..... now....

Rosie: The world is facing something terrible.....

Narrator: And they think they know what.... but they don't!

(Upbeat rock music plays)

(A Jigglypuff, a wolf, and a fox sing together)

Jingle Song (Jigglypuff): *mysteriously* Soon, every creature will fall under the spell.

(Scene Change)

(Someone in a gold-colored cloak-hood appears)

Narrator: Luckily, there are new friends to help them.

Sweet Angel: Who are you?

Cloaked guy: I'm Robin, and I need your help to save my friend Red.

Chase: Who's he?

Robin: He is a robot, cute, yellow head, red top, and blue body. Escaped a room of torture from his former home and somehow landed on my head,

Chase: Really? Wait, I meant you.

(Music stops)

Robin: I... like wearing a hood.

(Scene Change)

Lucky Cloverleaf (New Character): You say that the world has dark magic, right?

Everest: I think there's more to those girls than everyone thinks.

Rainbow Shimmer-wing: How do we know we can trust you?

Everest: Um.... why is an Absol with a fairy with rainbow wings and dress?

Rainbow Shimmer-wing: .... I think we can trust you.

(Scene Change)

Narrator: To save their friends...

(The pups  and Rosie hold their PAWs of Unity)

Marshall: We have to do this together!

Narrator: They must find.... the 10th PAW!

Penelope: *determined* Let's do it!

(Title is shown)

Narrator: Pups in the Magical World 3: Battle of the Worlds

Knuckles: How would you like a sandwich from Knuckles?

Applejack: Maybe with a bit of Apple Buck!

(A random buck with apples growing on his antlers appears)

Buck: ... Don't mind me... I'm just here to give the story comedy.

(Black screen: Coming Soon)

Applejack: *voiceover* What kind of creatures are in this world!?


Trailer 3Edit

(Dramatic Music Plays)

Narrator: Now...

(Record Scratch) (Pinkie jumps out into the black screen)

Pinkie: Forget all that! You've said it 3 times!

Narrator: Okay, okay. So long, Pinkie Pie!

(The Opal Open scene pushes Pinkie off the screen)

Pinkie: Hey!

(Upbeat mesmerizing music plays)

(The 3 mysterious girls are there)

Jingle Song: *voiceover* Not everyone is under the spell...

Harmony Chord (Wolf): *voiceover* I know what to do with them...

(Scene Change)

(Cheryl is with the pups)

Cheryl: Is Fluttershy and Maria acting strange?

(Fluttershy, while flying, bumps into a tree)

Fluttershy *Maria's voice* Sacre Bleu! Fluttershy, how do you control zhese wings?!

Maria: *Fluttershy's voice* Umm.... Could you please tell me how to control your fire? Achoo!

(Breathes Ember)

Marshall: Nah, they just swap bodies....

Pups: *unison* Swap bodies?!

(Other strange magic is scene)

(Dewdrop can't stop crying do to a sad spell) (Zo is just barking instead of talking) (Tulip Petals is flying very fast)

Tulip Petal: Hellp! I'm going to fast and can't stop or slow dooownn!

(Crash sound)

Oof! Except when I crash!

(Scene Change)

(Rosie and the pups are all together)

Rosie: It appears our new visitors have used strange magic on some of our friends...

Lilac: And they ain't under that dark spell...

(Scene Change) (Those under the spells are yelling at each other)

Twilight: At least I can sing, furball.

Tails: Don't call me a furball!!

(Scene Change)

(Back to the previous scene)

Marshall: At least things can't get much worse...

(Oscar frantically runs by them)

Oscar: HELP!! I'm so clean! I'm SPOTLESS!!! I CAN'T DIRTY!!!

(Record scratch)

(Suddenly, Pinkie walks pass them and she's walking.... like a royal) (She stops by them)

Pinkie: *passively* Apparently he is frantic that he is unable to get dirty. I'm very calm and can't get excited anymore.

(She continues walking)

Marshall: Okay...

(Camera closes in on him)

Marshall: It's always worse!

(Rock Music plays)

(Screen turns black as the title is shown)

Narrator: Pups in the Magic World 3: Battle of the Worlds

(Final Scene) (Vendor Cart: with DVDs)

(Toby and Celeste's ears are tangled together)

Toby: Help! We're tangled!

Celeste: We're not tangled.

(She grabs the Tangled DVD from the cart with her hands)

This is Tangled. *laughs*

Toby: Ha, ha. Very funny.

(Black Screen shows Coming Soon)


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