The Magical World idea is so popular, and thanks to your anticipation, I'm introducing a sequel to the adventure.  Filled with more characters, new friends, and more magic than you can imagine!

Check out these funny bloopers.


  1. Return to the Magical World
  2. Escape Attempt 1
  3. A Magical Rescue Begins
  4. Fun's More Important
  5. 2nd Escape Attempt
  6. Two New Friends
  7. What Sonic and Fluttershy Discover
  8. Friends are More Important
  9. Truck Rescue Attempt
  10. The Magical Miracles of Friendship
  11. Back to the Magical World (and Home)


Several different characters, including Marshall, have disappeared in the Magical World. The pups and their several friends go to the Magical World to investigate.  The reason, two smuggling poachers have been capturing the characters for profit. Now they fled to the simple world of cartoon humans and caused a giant fire that damages the Magical World severely and injures Applejack. Will the pups save Marshall and the other creatures before they are smuggled away forever?


(When a character has * after their name, it means that they are one of the smuggled characters)

PAW PatrolEdit

Team UmizoomiEdit


My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicEdit


Littlest Pet ShopEdit


Human WorldEdit

  • Judith
  • Judith's Mom
  • Dagger
  • Doggle
  • Smuggling Pinchers
    • Damien
    • Myron
    • Captain Smug

Alpha and OmegaEdit

  • Stinky *
  • Claudette *
  • Runt *

Mia and MeEdit

  • Onchao
  • Lyria


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