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Some of the young pups and their parents are visiting the SNOW Patrol to get a special tour of the town and see the new improvements made to the town and the HQ. Some of the pups decide to sneak off and explore the vast land of white, but what they don't know is a storm is on its way to SnowPort and they soon get lost and stuck in the middle of the blizzard! Sam gathers the pups and asks for help from Ryder and his Snow Pups! Since the storm is strong, the SNOW Patrol is limited with their dog sled vehicles. Winter and Alisha are both on it; however, Winter is panicking and doesn't know exactly what to do helping in unknown territory, but Alisha is positive they can do it and Winter stays strong for her and they get ready to head out into the blizzard. Can they find they find the missing pups in time before they freeze? Or will they have to wait until the storm subsides?




More to be added still in the thought box on this one

Pups lost in the stormEdit

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