Chase: Pups in Netherlands

It starts on a boat

Marshall: I'm super excited for this trip

Kai: Yeah me to!

Rocky: where are we going again

Ryder: the Netherlands

Pups: ooooo

Jay: it's a cool place

They're in the middle of the ocean

Chase: Will this thing go faster

Rocky: stop rushing it

Rocky looks out in the ocean

Rocky: water!! AHHHHH

Jay: and you call me a cry baby

Kai rolls his eyes

They arrive at the Netherlands

All: awww sweet!

They walk around

Rubble: I dig this place

Ryder sees a hotel

Ryder: let's stay here

They walk in

Lady: May I help you

Ryder: yes I'd like to take a room

Lady: alright follow me

They go to the 20th floor

Marshall: this is kinda high up

They walk in the room

Pups: woah

Lady: the best room we got


Skye: sweet

Lloyd: a flat screen!

Jay: this is epic!

Lady: enjoy!

She walks out

Zuma: now what

Ryder: we play video games

Kai: COD!!

Rubble: oh my

Zuma: HOT TUB!!

Zuma jumps in the hot tub

Skye and Chase play pup pup boogie

Lloyd Jay and Marshall play COD

Kai and rubble watch tv

Rocky sits

Ryder: I'll get some food

Ryder walks out

Rocky: uhhh guys

Jay: what Rocky

Rocky: why hasn't Ryder came back

It's been 2 hours

Chase: not sure

Jay: we should find him

They go to the bottom and walk outside

Chase: RYDER!!!

No answer

Kai: shut up its night

Chase: oops sorry

Jay: we need to find him

They walk off

Chase: walks over a sewer panel and falls

Chase: AHHH!

Chase falls

Chase wakes up

Chase: huh?

Timothy: you ok?

Gator: you took a big fall

Chase: really

Ken: Yeah

Chase looked around

He saw 3 pups

Ken was small

Gator had a fedora on

Timothy had shades on

Chase: where am I

Timothy opens a curtain

Gator: the fcc

Chase: fcc?

Ken: the farfaqaur China company

Chase: oh my

Chase saw another pup

Chase: who's that

Gator: that's Darwin

Darwin walks closer

Darwin: hi there

Chase: hello

Darwin was unusual he had 6 paws 

Chase: why do you have 6 paws

Darwin: not sure

Chase: I came from the Netherlands but live in adventure bay

They looked at him funny

Gator: you can't leave here

Timothy: Yeah

Chase *gulps*

Chase: I'm scared

Gator: don't worry

Just then the rocks crumbled and Timothy fell

Chase: TIMOTHY!!!

Timothy: Help!!!

Gator runs down and catches him

Chase: oh goody


Rocky: Ryder!

They stop

Kai: Chase?

Skye: where's Chase

Jay: oh no now 2 people missing

They run around

All: CHASE!!!! RYDER!!!!


Timothy: so where's this adventure bay

Chase: a place I live at

Gator: very descriptive

Chase looks around

He sees big mountains and bull dozers

Chase: ugh I'll never get home

Gator walks over

Gator: you're smarter than you think

Chase: really (making a weird face)

Gator nods

The ground shakes

Gator: watch out Chase!!

A boulder falls down

Gator gets hit

Chase: GATOR

They all grab gator 

They put him by rocks to lay down

Gator: h.....u...h....

Timothy: are you ok

Gator: that's not all our worries

At the others

Rocky: we need to find Chase before he gets hurt

Kai: earthquake


End of part 1 

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