Synopsis Edit

When Isis friend breaks his paw and starts getting gifts and losts of atention and all the praise starts to go to his head. As Isis watches him she starts getting jelous of him but also mad that everyone is making a big deal about his broken paw but her blindness is just passed off as 'another disorder' as she says. After failing to keep her anger inside she yells at Trapper upsetting him and making him start to ginore her. Will isis be able to get her friend back or has she lost her friend forever

Characters Edit

  • Isis
  • Trapper
  • Koho
  • Everest
  • Dodge
  • Smoky
  • More TBA

Story Edit

Dodge ran up too Isis pouncing on her. Isis knocked him off playfully pinning him down.

“Isis Play!” Dodge said. Isis smiled nodding then rolling off him. Dodge got up and pounced on the purple pup trying to catch her but she was too fast and slipped out from his paws.

The two pups wrestled for a little over a half an hour when a black mix walked up behind them.

“Hey Uncle Smokey!” Isis said looking up at the black pup. He smiled.

“Hey Isis, I came too come pick up Dodge.” Smokey said grabbing Dodges notepad and writing ‘Trappers back from the hospital you ready to go see him?’. Dodge read the notepad and jumped up excitedly his tail wagging fast.

“Trapper Better?” Dodge said looking up at his dad. Smokey wrote again on the board ‘he still has a boot but he can walk’.

“Mr. Smokey, what happened too Trapper?” Isis said. The black pix patted her head.

“Trapper slipped a few weeks ago and fell down a hill, he broke one of his back paws and he has been in the hospital getting it fixed.” Smokey said too the husky.

“Oh Okay, could I come say hello to him?” Isis said. Smokey smiled and picked up the pup.

“Sure you and Dodge can ride on my back!” Smokey said getting a happy yelp from both pups.

More TBA

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