Last time on Pups help Zuma remember.

Rocky: I hope he's okay.

Zuma: Huh.Who are you guys. Who am I. Where am I.

Everyone but Zuma: Uh oh.


Ryder: Zuma don't you remember us.

Zuma: Who's Zuma.

Rocky: You are Zuma.

Zuma: No. I don't know who I am.

Ryder: Uh oh. Stay here Zuma. Okay.

Zuma: Okay.

Ryder: Paw Patrol to the lookout.

Pups except Zuma: Ryder needs us.

When they got to the lookout.

Chase: Where's Marshall.

Marshall: Lookout.

Everyone: Of.

Marshall: Sorry.

Then they go to the top of the lookout.

Chase: Paw Patrol, ready for action Ryder sir.

Ryder: Okay pups we really have to move on this one. Zuma doesn't remember who he is or who we are.

Pups: (Gaps).

Ryder: We have to get his memory back fast. Marshall, I need you to help Zuma remember that he loves water.

Marshall: I'm fired up.

Ryder: Rocky ,I need you to help Zuma remember that your his best friend.

Rocky: Green means go.

Ryder: And Chase, I need you to help Zuma remember his name is Zuma.

Chase: Chase is on the case.

Ryder: Alright. Paw Patrol is on a roll.


Chase: Hey Zuma remember that name.

Zuma: No. I just want to remember who I was before this all happened. I hope that I get my memory back.

Chase: I hope so too.

Zuma: Well it was nice talking to you um.

Chase: Chase.

Zuma: Chase I think I used to have a friend named Chase.

Then he leaves .

Chase: ( Thinking) What I'm going to tell Ryder when I go back to the lookout.

To be counted.

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