Hey it's me again. I just wanted you to know that I always wanted to know what would happen if the paw patrol want to go to China. So I made this story.

Summery Edit

When Ariel's mom calls her and the paw patrol to come and visit her and meet a baby panda. They find out that's the baby panda's birthday,but they have to get gifts for the baby panda and don't know what. What will they get the baby panda.

Charters Edit



Pam the baby panda ( new )












Trive Edit

This is the fist time the paw patrol goes to China.

This is the 2 story that has Puma, Blue, and Gab in it.

This is the fist time Pam the baby panda joins in.

Story Edit

(Title card with Ariel and Pam on it)

Ariel: Pups go to China.

( The epoisod start with Ryder and the pups playing pup pup boogie.)

Ryder: Oh yeah pup pup boogie can't get enogh can't get enogh.

( Ryder and Marshall are up.)

Marshall: Oh no you'r not going to win I am.

Ryder: Oh yeah can you do this.

( He says doing four flips, a hop,and a Tail Spin. BOOM)

Ryder: BOOM.

Marshall: I can do that.

( Marshall dose four flips, a hop,and a Tail Spin. BOOM WHAT.)

Marshall: Boom What.

( Then they'er pup tags goes off.)

Ariel: Paw Patrol to the lookout.

Pups and Ryder: Ariel needs us.

( Then as always.)

Ryder: Look out. Sorry.

( Then they get to the top.)

Chase: Ready for action Ariel mama

Ariel: Okay pups there's no emergency today.

Pups and Ryder: Huh.

Ariel: My mom told me that she would like for all of us to come to China and meet a baby panda.

Ryder and Pups: Cool a baby panda.

Ariel: Well go get your stuff ready for China.

(They go and starts picking up they're stuff for China. ) Ryder: (singing ) We're going to China. We're going to China.

Chase: I feel so happy.

Rocky: We're going to China We're going to China.

Marshall: I feel so happy.

( The song continues on the plane. )

Everyone: We're going to China. We're going to China. We feel so happy.

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