Sophie: So Rocky, you and Chase have the tents?

Both: Yup!

Sophie: And Zuma, you have all our water bottles?

Zuma: Got em!

Sophie: So we have bug spray, food, logs.....

All: We have it!!!!!

Skye: Goodness Sophie! You sure take camping seriously!

Sophie: When I was little, my family said I took it to serious.

Diamond: I believe it's the ONLY thing your smart about! Ha ha!

Sophie: CHASE!!

Chase: Yes.

Sophie: Seriously? I said the only thing you COULDN'T bring was her!

Chase: Sorry. She threatened to sue.

Marshall: Here is the perfect spot to set up!

Sophie: *sniff sniff* Nope! Way to swampy!

For the next hour the walk with Sophie pointing out no to swampy, no to dirty, to dark, seriously! You want to set up next to a bear cave!

Sophie: Perfect!


Sophie: What are you doing!

Rubble: Setting up.

Sophie: No! No! No! The tents  have to be in a circle, not all over the place!!!

Candy: *sigh* Sophie.

Diamond: FASTER!

Grace: What are you doing?

Lace: (panting) Fanning her, it's hot out!

Grace: Fan yourself! You look hotter!

Lace: (panting) No, I'm, fine.

Diamond: No! Besides, my perfect poodle fur needs A LOT more attention than all of yours!

Skye: You want shade? I saw a great bear cave back there.

Sophie and Lace: HA HA ha!

Diamond: (glares at Lace)

Lace: I-I mean, stop. (chases them off)

That night half the pups were sleeping, while a few ate smores, and the rest were telling stories.

Grace: Too bad we didn't camp out in the other woods, I could talk about slender man in the woods he lives.

Chase: So, if Grace choose were we camped, we would all be dead.

Skye: Probably.

All 6: HA HA HA HA!

Marshall: Well, I want to sleep now.

Skye: Chase, want to sleep in my tent.

Candy: Wait! Let me tell you my story.

Candy: It's about the Missouri monster, or Momo for short.

Track: Sounds interesting.

Candy: Legand has it, the momo is like Bigfoot, but his fur is black and he has the head of the pumpkin.

Grace: Kina like....

Track: Shhhhhh!!!!

Chase: Ill protect you Skye.

Skye: He he he.

Candy: As I was saying, the momo lurks the woods only eating one thing....... DOGS!!!!

Track and Grace: AHHHHH!!!

Marshall: (Runs out) What!!!!!

Skye: There just scared.

Chase: Well, we should get  to bed. (thinks) And ill sleep with Skye. He he he!

All: Goodnight!


Sophie: Ill teach you Chase! Never bring her again!

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