PAW PatrolEdit

Clifford, Jorge and Daffodil tell a grumpy Flo that she should be grateful that he doesn't work on a Resuce Centure. Flo doesn't believe such a thing exists, and an argument ensues until Noville arrives on Rocky, a mix breed puppy. Rocky tells the Clifford and the others about his job, and an adventure he had on the first day.

Death of #6Edit

Zo is in a bad mood, so Clifford, Daffodil and Jorge change the conversation by asking Rocky about his Formen. The conversation soon drifts to Rocky's suit, and the story of Mill Hill, an dog who held too much faith in himself. Even though everyone tried everything, they found nothing wrong, but Mill Hill continued in his way. Then one day, Mill Hill got ran other by a bus and was sent to the back of the shed, where he was cannibalised. Flo and Zo are scared and remain silent.


A Big Ship brings Rocky home, where he discovers that three new pups have arrived - Zuma, Skip, Skye and Rubble, the second of which is loud and risk-taking. The next day, Rocky makes fun of Skip's "super-heat" and Skip determines to pay him out. Unluckily, he traps his paw at the summit, preventing Chase from geting home. Skip is sent to the back of the Lookout in disgrace.

North Bay RoadEdit

Skip is punished by having his name taken away and, after hearing Rocky's story of Mill Hill, asks Ryder to be let out. Ryder agrees, but forbids him from Missons, so #3 is kept as a shed pup taking supplies and workmen to Summit Hotel. One day, he is preparing to continue up North Bay Death Road, a difficult part of the line, when a message arrives about a group of injured climbers, and #3 is sent to rescue them. Despite the strong wind, #3 perseveres and the leader of the climbers asks Ryder to rename #3 after a dog who helped him when he was injured. Nowadays, #3 is known as Marshall and only takes risks when absolutely necessary.

Beasd onEdit

The Railway Series: Mountain Engines

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