Last Time on Paw Patrol Edit

Ryder: Alex, buddy you there.

Alex: Yeah, I'm here. You can came in.

Ryder: Why are you sad.

Alex: It's about time I told you this.

Ryder: Tell me what.


Alex: Then one day this dog followed me home from school. I named her Ariel and then a few years later I came here and I think you know the rest. ( Pups and the Beginning) I never seen Ariel since.

Ryder: I know how you feel. My mom didn't like Chase after he saved us.

Alex: I hope Ariel is okay.


Story Edit

Ariel: HELP.

Alex: That sounds like Ariel.

Ariel: Alex please help me.

Alex: Don't worry Ariel we'll save you.

Ariel: Hurry please hurry Alex I need you.


Alex: Okay guy I'm glade your all here.

Ryder: What do you need buddy.

Alex: We have to save Ariel.

Everyone: (Gaps)

Zuma: I hope she okay.

Alex: First I need. Ryder. I need you to try and track her.

Ryder: These paws up pulled the laws.

Alex: Chase. I need to use you dorne to try and find her.

Chase: Yes. Super Spy Chase is on the case.

Alex: And Skye i need you to try and seach for her from the air.

Skye: Let's take to the sky.

Alex: Paw Patrol is on a Roll.

( Later)

Alex: Chase, tell your dorne to try and find where Ariel is.

Chase: Got it. Ruff Spy Dorne. Ruff lanch. Find Ariel.

Alex: Okay. Ryder,try and sniff her out so we can find her.

Ryder: Okay Alex. (Sniffing)

Alex: Skye, any luck.

Skye: All I see is Mayor Humdinger and his kittines with a big box.

Alex: Hmm.

Ryder: Achoo. Alex I. Achoo. Got it. Achoo.

Alex: The only thing that makes you sneens like that is kittines. Hmm.

Chase: Alex. Came in Alex.

Alex: What is it Chase.

Chase: I found Ariel.

Alex: Great work Chase. Where is she?

Chase: In a big box next to Mayor Humdinger. And now he's getting away.

Alex: Skye.

Skye: He's heading to his house with Ariel.

Alex: Great. Let's go.

( Later)

Ariel: I miss my home.

????: I know you do.

Ariel: Huh. Who are you?

Zuma: Hi.

Ariel: Zuma.

Zuma: I really miss our home.

Rocky: We all do.

Zuma and Ariel: Rocky.

Rubble: Hey.

Rocky,Ariel,and Zuma: Rubble.

Marshall: How do you feel Ariel.

Ariel,Rocky,Zuma,and Rubble: Marshall.

Ariel: I'm doing good Marshall. But what are you all doing here.

Zuma: Same as you.

Ariel: I really miss our home.

Rubble: I miss Everyone.

Ariel: I really miss Alex.

Zuma: And most of all.

All: We miss Ryder.

Ariel: I just wanted to go home.

( Just Then)

Alex: Ariel.

Ariel: Alex.

Alex: Don't worry Ariel help is here.

Ryder: ( Gasp) Pups.

Rocky,Rubble,Marshall,and Zuma: Ryder.

Ryder: How did they get here.

Ariel: Same as me. Now get us out of here before he came's back.

( One rescue later)

Ariel: Thank you guys for saving us.

Humdinger: STOP.

Ariel: Oh no.

Humdinger: You're not going anywhere.

Zuma,Rocky,Rubble,and Marshall: Oh no you're not.

( One Fight Later)

Ariel: You save me Zuma.

( Saying giving him a kiss. )

Zuma: Hahaha. 

Alex: I'm glade you're okay.

Ariel: Now let's go home.

The End

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