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Story Edit

(Title card with Rocky on it. )

Ryder: Pups get a Ariel.

(The episode start with the paw patrol and Katie playing soccer. )

Ryder: Hey, where's Alex and Ariel at?

Chase: I don't know sir. I think they're still at Mr. Porter's.

Katie: Okay. That let's go get them so we can play. Oh and Ryder.

Ryder: Yeah.

Katie: Tag your it.

( They all go to Mr. Porter's. )

Ryder: We made it. Ugh.

( He falls down. )

Everyone but Ryder: Hahaha.

Katie: Hi Mr. Porter.

Mr. Porter: Hi Katie. Hi Ryder. Hi pups. Alex is in his room.

Ryder: Why.

Mr .Porter: I don't know why Ryder he said he was sad.

Zuma: Okay. We have to figure out why Alex is sad. Ryder, I need you to talk to Alex and asked why he's sad.

Ryder: This Paws up pulled the laws.

Zuma: Paw Patrol is on a roll.

( Later. )

Ryder: Alex, buddy you there.

Alex: Yeah. I'm here. You can came in.

Ryder: Thanks for that buddy. Now why are you sad.

Alex: I can't talk about it.

Ryder: Come on. I'm your buddy.

Alex: Okay. It's about time I told you this.

Ryder: Tell me what.

Alex: When I was a little boy before I came here. I always wanted a pup for Christmas ,but I never got one.

Ryder: That's sad.

Alex: Then one day this dog followed me home from school. I named her Ariel and then a few years later I came here and I think you know the rest. (Pups and the Beginning. ) I never seen Ariel ever since.

Ryder: I know how you feel. My mom didn't like Chase after he saved us.

Alex: I hope Ariel is okay.

To be continued.

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