I love all my stories I make. I really really love this one.

Summery Edit

After Ryder,Alex,And the pup win the sing off they go on a wold tour. From Adventure Bay to China. From China to Pairs. From Pairs to New York. From New York back to Adventure Bay. So what are we wait for it high time we went on tour.

Charters Edit













Mr. Porter

Mayor Goodway

Story Edit

(Title card with Ryder,Alex,and Katie on it.)

Ryder and Alex: Pups and the wold tour

(The episode start after Ryder,Alex,and the pups won the sing off.)

Alex: I can't believed the sing off.

Ryder:(week) I know I can hardly talk.

Zuma: I think you need to rest that voice of yours Ryder okay.

Ryder: (week) Okay.

Zuma: Now go wait for me in the TV room.

Ryder: (week) Sure.

( Then Ariel came into the lookout with the cup they won.)

Ariel: Hey guys. Gusse what.

Everybody: What.

Ariel: I just got done talking to someone who said that we were so good the sing off he's taking us on a wold tour.

Everyone: Really. No way. So you had to give him money.

Ariel: No I didn't have to him give any money.

Rocky: But, Zuma what about Ryder.

Zuma: Oh I don't think he should go.

Ryder:(week) But, Zuma why not.

Zuma: Cause you have to rest your voice okay.

Ryder: ( week) Okay.

( He said laying down on his bed.)

Ariel: So are you going to come with us Zuma.

Zuma: No I'm going to stay here with Ryder.

Ariel: Okay then Everyone else let's go.

( They all go to the tour bus)

Alex: Wow. This is an AWESOME tour bus.

Ariel: It is I think we should get Katie,Mr.Porter,and Mayor Goodway to help Zuma with Ryder.

( Later)

Katie: How's he doing Zuma.

Zuma: He's doing okay but he still can't talk.

Mr.Porter: Poor Ryder.

( Later on the tour bus)

Ariel: Okay guys we got everything we need.

Alex: Let's see. Pop.

Chase: Cheak.

Alex: Cups.

Skye: Cheak.

Alex: Food.

Rubble: Oh sorry about that.

Ariel: It okay Rubble just don't eat the rest of the food.

Rocky: And cheak.

Ariel: Okay than let's go on tour.

(Later at the Lookout)

Ryder: (week) Zuma, can i get up now?

Zuma: No you still need to rest got it.

Ryder: (week) Okay.

Mayor Goodway: Here's some soup Ryder.

Ryder: (week) Thanks Mayor.

Katie: I hope he get better soon.

Cali: I hope so to Katie. I hope so to.

( Later on the bus)


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