Marissa: (typing a bunch) UGH!

Skye: Marissa?

Marissa: Go away!

Skye whimpers and walks out of the room*

Marie: So, how'd it go?

Skye: Well...

Chase: I'm guessing it didn't go well.

Marshall: What are we going to do

Marie: Ryder must be devastated by now

Marshall, Chase, and Skye: WHAT!

Marie: Nothing

Skye: Would it be nice to take a vacation.

Chase: Yeah! We would go to the beach, eat at a restaurant, go to a pot luck...

Marie: There's a beach a block or two away, there's Mr. Porters and we don't waltz into a pot luck.

Marshall:But we could be invited.

Marie: Marshall think about it no one will invite us after Katie spreaded the rumor about me being evil

Chase:Like you did to Katie.

Marie:Between the team that knows it's true!

Chase: What about Col-

Skye: Chase don't say it

Chase: What, Colarado?

Marie:Chase, you are going to die!


Skye: Marie we don't want to cause you-know-who to get irretated

Marie: Die Chase!

Marshall: Lets all just get along, ok?

Chase: Well.. I can't cause Marie a.k.a your girlfriend is trying to kill me!

Marie: Yeah... Wait I'm not his girlfriend....

Other pups: :|

Marie: Nevermind

Chase: Still sceaming like a little girl* Ah!

Marissa: Shut-up! I'm trying to test!

All pups: Ok....

Meanwhile at Ryder's room...

Ryder: Talking to himself* Marissa I hope you're ok

Zuma: What's up Wyder?

Ryder:AH! Oh it's just you Zuma.

Zuma: You'we scawed of your own dogs?!

Ryder: No, I

Zuma: I'm offended

Zuma pretends to go to his room then go back to spy on Ryder

Ryder: If only I could tell her.

Zuma: He is wowwied

Ryder: She needs to get out of that room and we all need a vacation

Zuma: I'm with you

Ryder: Zuma..were you spying again?!

Zuma: Yeah, but now I know you're ok with vacation

Ryder: One thing...who will ask her to take a break from the collage work that she's too young for, and take a vacation?

Zuma: Can I narrow down the list

Ryder: I guess

Zuma:Well...Mawie is still trying to kill Chase, Skye doesn't want to be yelled at again, Rubble is a scaredy cat, Wocky is afraid that he'll get wet, Marshall is trying to get Mawie to stop, Chase is being chased down, I don't want to do it, Katie hates her and everyone else is busy except for you Wyder.

Ryder: So I have to ask her?

Zuma: The anwser is obvious

Ryder: ok

Zuma runs to the pups*

Zuma: Guys, we might get a vacation

Pups: Yay!

Zuma: But Marissa might make it impossible

Pups: Dang it!

In Marissa's...


.....Whispers* In Marissa's room.

Ryder: Marissa?

Marissa: Yes Ryder

Ryder: Want to go on a vacation?

Marissa: Thinks *Yes! Yes! Says* Okay.

Ryder: I'll tell the pups

Pups: Vacation, vacation....

Ryder:Frowning* Pups


Ryder: Smiles* We're going to Colorado


Rubble: Wow. Is a no that long possible

Rocky: Is Colorado that scary? We'll find out after the break!

Marie:Die Rocky!


After the break*

Zuma:I can't belive you attacked Wocky.....

Marie:He had it coming...


After 7 hours, they arrive*

Marie:We're here....

Marissa:Sees a house* Knocks on it*



Kiki:Hey, big sis!


Marissa:Hey mom!

Marie:Hi old hag!

Marissa:Hi, and hi Marie......

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