Everyone is having fun in the treehouse that Ryder had made until... Chase:(saws the branch breaking) i don't we should be up here if that branch cracks even more who knows what might happened! Skye:come on Chase it's just a tiny crack. Chase:that doesn't mean it won't happen to us. Everest:cmon Chase help us make more waves. Ryder:that doesn't matter Chase is right you shouldn't be up in a tree while the branch is about to crack. Tundra:aw man fine let's get out. Tyler:but we just got on D:! Ryder:we can always build a new treehouse I'm going to buy more pup food who wants to help me? Lilac: I'll help. Ryder:ok Lilac,Chase your in charge. Marshall:I know what you and Ryder mean Chase we should be safe than sorry. Chase:thanks Marshall. Rocky:I made a tire swing I'm first to get on. Everest:I'm next! Marshall:I'm after Everest! Zuma:too bad there isn't OVER 9000 tire swings that way we don't had to wait our turn! Everyone:let's get on together! Chase:i don't think it's such a good idea look how the branch is bending it's only meant for one at a time. Denise:aw man (hops off) one at a time. (Everyone hops off leaving only Penelope on the tire swing). Ryder:(calls on Chase's tag) hows it going Chase we're coming back anything alright. Chase:uh great. Ryder:good I bought the new pup food with cheddar! Mayor Goodway:here I'm here I though I might visit you pups- oh hey a treehouse (branch cracks making the treehouse and Mayor Goodway fall down). (Ryder and Lilac came back in shock). At the Hospital/Courthouse. Judge:she only got a broken leg Who would do such a thing? (everyone blamed an old man). Judge:LIFE IN PRISON! Ryder: now you see WHY you shouldn't be up in a tree with a breaking branch? And the old man died

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