It was a sunny day at the lookout and the pups were so bored, but don't know what to do.

Rocky: Hey guy I got a idea we should try a tickle war who is in?

Chase:Sure Rocky.

Zuma:I guess I could.

Marshall:Count me in.

Rubble:Not me i'll watch.

The pups went outside to start.

Rocky:Okay pups let's have no tickling below the belt okay?

All pups :yes Rocky.

Then the contest began.

Rocky:Let's see which pup will be tickled first.

Then suddenly Chase was about to be tickled by Rocky when suddenly the 2 pups saw something that made them gasp.

John:Go ILLUMIKNIGHT attack him and end this!

Then within an instant photon based hand grabbed the very soul of victim inside of it was what the pups could make out as a card.

John:success the number is mine.

to be continued.

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