It was a rainy at the lookout and Zuma and Chase were having a tickle fight.

Zuma:Hahahahaha,stop it you got me dude.

Chase:Not yet Zuma. (Then suddenly Zuma turned the tables on Chase and began tickling his belly.)

Chase:Zuma,hahahaha,stop please I can't take it! Your like a tickle machine.Chase said laughing

Ryder: Hey pups what going on? (Ryder said while holding a package.)

Zuma: What is that? (Zuma said as he  stopped  tickling Chase's belly.)

Ryder: Pups I present to you the tickle machine this machine is able to tickle 2 pups at once. (He said as he opened the box.)

Ryder: So who wants to try it?

Chase/Zuma:We do!

Ryder: Ok then roll over and get ready to be tickled.(He said as he started the machine.)

Chase: Hahahahahahahahaha,it really tickles.

zuma got up zuma: I hate this thing

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