The guards brought Chase, Zuma, Kai ,Jay,and Cole to the prison 

Kai: Ugh! Rocky,what the flip! 

Chase: We're getting out!

Jay: But how?

Chase: Cole, dig a hole with your scythe.

Cole: Ok! *digs a hole*

Chase: Alright, you guys go down there.I'll go to Rocky.

Zuma: Be careful.

Kai: Let's go!

Kai,Cole, Jay, and Zuma go in the tunnel Cole is extending it.

Cole: Man,this is hard work.

Zuma: I know!

Cole looks at Zuma and shakes his head

Zuma: Man, guys I'm hungwy.

Jay: me too.

Kai: Will you tooshut up!

Jay and Zuma stick they're tough out at him

Cole: ah! were here

Kai: great!let's find Rocky.

Kai sees Rocky

Zuma: there he is, dudes

They walk to him 

Rocky: guys ,let's leave.

All: Yeah 

So they all go back to adventure bay

Ryder: how was it pups?

All: boring

They play football again

Kai: pass it, Cole

Rocky walks to Ryder

Rocky: is this the end of us?

Ryder: no,we don't know when.

Rocky: I don't wanna grow up.

Kai walks over

Kai: don't worry just focus on the present. its a gift and when the future comes, well, be ready for it!

All: Yeah!

It ends with Chase, Rocky,Jay,and Kai running to the screen.

Pa pa pa pa pa paw patrol.

part 1

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