A Colab between me and my step sister, owner of Fluttercake and Astropup.



Koho: So Astropup and Fluttercake, any reason you brought me down too the beach?

Astropup: No

Koho: Oh Okay, well the sunset is sure nice!

Fluttercake: *sarcastically* Wow, I totally didn't notice the sunset myself!

Koho: *pushes her playfully* Shut up Flutters!

Fluttercake: Oh Fine!

*suddenly there's a sound behind them*

???: Can some me?

Koho: *turns around* what was that?

Astropup: *runs over* What happened?

???: well I was helping my brother when something malfunctioned and i'm in a tree!

Fluttercake: Are you okay?

???: Do I look Okay!?

Fluttercake: No

???:Exactly! Now get me down! *he holds tighter onto the branch*

Koho: *gulps* uhh you two can take care of this!

Astropup: What wrong?

Koho: Hehe oh nothing...

Fluttercake: Are you afraid of heights Koho?

Koho: *nods*

Astropup: We will be here every step of the way Koho, its fine

Koho: why do you just take a few steps forward and HELP THE POOR PUP! ???: *looks down then looks back up laughing nervously to himself* it will be'll be okay *he said under his breath to himself*

Fluttercake: Astropup, can I stand on your shoulders so he can climb down on us?

Astropup: Okay! Pup! You can climb down now! ???: Hehe thanks *climbs down* you two are life savers!

Astropup: Not really you just climbed down.

???: Thanks again anyway *he hugs them both separately* my names Candle, what's yours?

Koho: I'm Koho!

Candle: I already knew who you were, you're part of the Paw Patrol but who are you too?

Astropup: I'm Astropup! And this is my sister Fluttercake!

Fluttercake: Nice too meet you!

Candle: Nice too meet you too!

Koho: Well anyway you wanna hang out with us?

Candle: Sure!

Fluttercake and Astropup: Yay!

*Suddenly there was a spray of sand on Fluttercake and Astropup*

Astropup: Ack!

???: Sorry! I cant never get those stops right!

Fluttercake: Stops?

???: Im practicing for a big race

More TBA