Chase and Zuma say the title











Bash and dash ( twins New friends ) 

The pups were going to a castle

Rocky: I can't wait!

Jay: neather can I maybe we can become kings

Zuma: dudes no

Ryder: we're here! Let's get unpacked

They're go to they're rooms and then it's night time

Rubble: mighty night pups

Jay throws a pillow at rubble

They hear a bang

Ryder: huh?

Rocky: ahhh!

Jay: shut up!

Chase: a gggghost!

They run out of the room

They get into the long hallway

Skye notices a wall with weird writing

Skye: look at this wall

Lloyd: woah it's ancient writing!

Ryder: pups look out!

The ghost takes Ryder away

Pups: Ryder!!!!!

The pups Wimper

Lloyd: what happened

They see 2 boys running

Kid: I'm bash

Kid: and I'm dash

Both: we're brothers!

Jay: okay cool 

They run off again 

Rocky: weirdos

Dash: we heard you!

Rocky rolls his eyes

Then ghost arms come out of the wall

Jay: oh my gosh!

They grab Zuma and pull him through

Chase: Zuma!!!!

All: ahhh!

They start running

More arms come out and grab Marshall and rubble 

Marshall: help us

Rocky: this is scary

Then a arm comes out of the floor and grabs Rocky around the paws

Rocky: NO!

Skye: Rocky!

It was just Skye Chase Jay and Lloyd left

Jay: let's get cake I'll brb

Jay runs off and then later they hear scream

Skye: oh God

They find a door and it lead to the basement

Arms grab Chase

Lloyd runs to him and grabs his paws

Lloyd: I'm not loosing you!

More arms come out and smack Lloyd and they grab Chase more and pull him through

Skye: noooooo

Lloyd: let's continue

They find a room with a crack in the wall they see a purple bubble with they're friends in it and they're passed out

Skye: I'm scared guys wake up!

Skye touches it and gets flung

Lloyd catches her

Then a ton of ghosts pop up

Lloyd: this ends now!

Lloyd puts his mask on

He uses his aurara and shoot the ghosts

And they dissapear

The bubble disappears

Ryder: thanks you 2

They go back to the look out

They play football

Rocky: thanks Lloyd I thought I wouldn't have got out

Lloyd: no problem anything for a best buddy!

It's ends with Rocky and Lloyd looking at the screen and waving

Pa pa pa paw patrol!

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