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Everyone Runs over to them

Rocky: are you guys ok?

Kai: just a little scratches 

Marshall: oh this is all my fault If I didn't say I wanted to race this wouldn't have happened

Rubble: it's ok man

Lloyd: Yeah it's fine

All: let's get back in the race!

Kai Jay Zane Cole Marshall Chase Skye Zuma Rocky and rubble went on

Lloyd got on the golden dragon

Kai: let's finish this!

They all speed up

Nathan: the loosers are coming

Tanner: oh great

Nathan: speed up!

They both speed up

Jay: they're speeding

Zane: not for long!

Zane throws his Shurikens and freezes their wheels

Nathan: oh no!

Tanner glows

Tanner: they're done for

Skye: what's going on with tanner?

Tanner shoots arrows

Chase screams like a girl

Everyone looks at him

Chase: uh sorry

They start dodging

Cole: I got this

Cole turns black and rocks float up 

Cole: EARTH!!!!

Rocks fly at tanner

Tanner: mega shield

The rocks deflect

Cole: what the

Kai turns red and flames

Kai: FIRE!!!!!!!!!

Tanner: water wave

Jay turns light blue and shoot  lighting bolts


Tanner: mega block

Tanner shoots shieldes

Zane turns white and frosty

Zane: ICE!!!!!

Tanner: fire boom

The ice melts

Lloyd: floats up 

Everyone stops 

Rocky: look at Lloyd

The pups and ninjas look at Lloyd

Lloyd: this ends now

Lloyd turns golden and bright

Tanner: take wind!

Lloyd doesn't move

Lloyd shoots a bright blast

Tanner and Nate disappear

Jason runs super fast over

Jason: good job!

They all go back to adventure bay mysteriously

Jay; we're back!

Zuma: Ryder dude!

Ryder: pups! I missed you

Kai: we brought a dog back

Lilac: he's Jason he's super fast!

Ryder: hi Jason

Jason: hi I need a home

Then they all go to he top of the look out

Penelope: Chase can I talk to you

Chase: Yeah?

Penelope: do you like Skye

Chase: Yeah *blushing

They both go back

Ryder: Jason welcome to the paw patrol here's you collar

It shows a person running aka the logo of the perk from zombies stamina cola

Ryder: go to the bottom of the slide Jason!

Jason runs and does a 360 and slide into a grey dog house that transforms into a motorcycle

Jason: sweet!

Pups: welcome to the paw patrol!

It ends with Jason running with the pups 

Paw patrol!

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