Today at pup school... Teacher:good morning class! Everyone:good morning teacher!!! Teacher:we had a few new math problems what's 9x6? Runty:(takes out a peashooter) time for the most funniest thing ever guys have you pea Shooters? Gram:I got mine! Yipper:me too! Vivica:me three! (All four aim for Chase and shoots him). Chase:hey stop that! Teacher:Chase why Did you inererup the class? (Bullies giggle and aim for Marshall) Marshall:eeww what's this? Teacher:bullies gimme you peashooters and go to the principal's office. Today we had a brand new student her name's Destiny (a black chihuahua) She's a good ping-pong player. At' the principal's office. Principal:why all four of you in my office this time? Runty:we have peashooters and the teacher took them away from us D:. Vivica:plus we aim them at Chase and Marshall. Principal:four of you this has gone why too far you know that we don't bring peashooters to school i'll see all of you and detention!!! Gram:give us another chance we'll behave! Yipper:we'll never bring peashooters to school again we swear! Principal:TOO BAD YOUR THE WORST STUDENTS HERE ANYWAYS AFTER DETENTION YOU 4 ARE EXPELLED FOR TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!! (after school). Ryder:nice to meet you Destiny wanna be part of the Paw Patrol? since you show us your good at Ping-Pong wanna be a Ping-Pong Player pup? Destiny:I would like to I had no home anyways. Ryder:here's your pup tag (gives her a golden pup tag with two ping-pong paddles) don't forget your vest and pup pack (give her a golden vest and pup pack with a mini sized ping-pong table with two paddles and a ping-pong ball). Next day at pup school 2 weeks later. Skye:hey bullies how you like detention? Bullies:it was horrible!

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